Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

Gentle Friends... a few fun things from the weekend......
.....  from the top l to r... a nice old pair of 19th century brass candlesticks, I found these at a Goodwill, interestingly enough they were not sold as a pair, in fact I found one, sort of in the back with the shoes and the other on stuck in with the books, they were each priced at a couple of dollars, so how could I pass...  the super dresser box is another Ivorine Pyralin (early celluloid) piece , and luckily it is also in the DuBarry pattern, the same as the frame I found a couple of weeks ago.....  I found the two W. Irving books at a really lovely Estate Sale, were I could have spent a ton of money, but the furniture I wanted I had no room for.......and a couple of DVD's......  I was surprised to find a pristine copy of the cult classic Caligula....

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks again for stopping by do stop again!

Take care,


  1. Great treasures! I do love the candlesticks, what a great bargain!

  2. Fun treasures! Thanks for the "Peep Show" I wondered about those caramel apple and candy corn flavors...I have to say the candy corn peeps remind me of deviled eggs on a plate...hmmm.
    Have a great weekend kiddo


A Little Break

 Gentle Friends, just taking a break from the Blog for a while.   I'll be back...  look at the cute Chi in the meantime... Good Thoughts...