Monday, March 30, 2015

Stitchin' Update and "Stick Day"

Gentle Friends......  I got a little stitching in this weekend between the napping and lazing about the house.......  here's where "May" stands.....

.... and an overall shot.......

In celebration of "Something on a Stick Day - 2015" Saturday evening we had corndogs.......

....  and you can't have corndogs without fries and jalapeno poppers!!!!  Happy Stick Day!!!!

There you go sports fans - short and sweet for a Monday morning.  It's a short week for me as I have both Good Friday and Easter Monday off - taking some vacation time - no plans but a good long nap does sound delicious!!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Nice stitching. Your plate caught my attention too. What pattern is that? I have my grandmother's turkey platter and the fruit design looks the same. I know you love your peeps. Have you seen the peeps drink? I read about it and reviews were that it was really sweet.

  2. Never heard of Stick Day! Your sampler is looking pretty. Love the purple flower for the Month of May!

  3. Dearest Edgar: I love jalapeno poppers, I do like corndogs however they donot like me, heartburn to no end.
    Love your stitching.
    It is so vintage looking.

    Happy Blessed Easter

  4. I have to say that when you posted the individual pics of the last four months I wasn't sure about it........shown all together, I love it. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

    I never knew there was "Something on a Stick Day". The things I learn from you! And I love a good corn dog, especially from the Sonic!


  5. Never heard of corn dogs...They don't look that appetising! Your stitching however is gorgeous.

  6. MMMMmmmm corn dogs! yummy :)
    And your project looking good!

  7. I love these monthly stitches -- can't wait to see the sheep! That meal looks like fun!

  8. I've never heard of "stick day" but it sounds fun!! I like almost anything on a stick! We like to grill and put various things on sticks!!
    Your stitching is lovely and those little animals are so sweet!

  9. beautiful stitching. love it

  10. I love the look of the monthly project!! I didn't even know it was stick day!!!