Friday, March 6, 2015

Thrifty Thursday..... on a Friday

Gentle Friends..... a pretty sparse week this week Posting  - not too much to Post about I guess - on the stitching front I am working on "Santa's Village" and frogging as much as I stitch - I just can not get happy with a couple of the floss colours I chose.... so I will just stitch and frog until I am happy!!!!  I've not posted a Thrifty Thursday in a while so I gathered up all the stuff I've bought lately and here 'tis.......

... the main pile o'stuff......  a great book on Midway and finding the Yorktown, sitting on the book is a super 19th century brass candlestick - and you know how I love me a good ole candlestick, plus it was only $2 - so how could I pass it up!!  That's a Belleek Christmas Ornament on the vase, and a copy of RR Recipes, it's a super cookbook and replaces my old one that was just falling apart - and a the little box of Gifts of the Magi - here's a description..... "Gold, frankincense, and myrrh were the precious offerings brought by the magi, But who were these men and why did they choose such gifts? This new book—illustrated in color with masterpieces from the Medieval and Renaissance collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art—tells the story of the magi and the history and lore of their gifts. In addition, samples of the gifts are included: 24-kt. gold in a glass bottle, and frankincense and myrrh."   and a lovely little Depression Era dish with a sterling overlay......  

..........back to the vase which I found in this condition.... out the silver polish et voila...

.......a really lovely silver piece... and the dish came with the silver overlay pretty tarnished.....

... and once again some polishing and it shined up nicely......

.......I always find some DVD's I don't have to add to my ever growing collections......

.... as you can see I had some help with the picture taking......  

That wraps up this weeks Thrifty Finds.....  there are 3 Estate sales this weekend and I am really up for finding some treasure!!! 
 Thanks for stopping by do stop again - and have a super weekend!!

Take care,


  1. I would say you did very well. the silver turned out very pretty and I love that candlestick!! Good luck this week-end!

  2. Wonderful finds! I love the beautiful etching on the bowl.

  3. Hi Edgar, awesome this silver vase and the dish. I am really impressed.
    Have a great week-end.

  4. I very nearly posted a comment last Thursday saying how much I missed the Thrifting Thursday entries. I am glad to see they are back. I also love seeing your finds.

  5. The Balleek ornament perfect for St Patrick's day. I know sometimes nothing is going on. Such uneventful lives ...which can be a good thing.

  6. Lovely finds again!
    The Red Violin is a movie I love and the Bellek looks so beautiful! The silver vase is amazing! I looked up the book at the NET store!Great purchases!Now a little story! While in the States last summer I bought a small silver looking bowl at a tag sale outside a house on a Sunday morning!It was heavy and looked tarnished. Brought it back to Greece!Cleaned it up and took it to the local Christofle store. They considered it a rare find, more than 40 years old and definitely would sell for 500 to a collector!That's what they said!I bought it for 8 dollars!I am keeping it of course and love it!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. You always find great things! I'm sure your DVD collection rivals Netflix by now! I love it!

  8. That vase is beautiful! I love seeing your treasured finds. Thanks for sharing.


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