Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

Gentle Friends...before our glorious Tea, we did some quick reconnaissance at the local Thrift and Consignment shops (no Estate sales) and I found a couple of fun things....

... a couple of DVD's, "The Loved One" a comedy about the Business of death, and "Gladiator."  I also found a nice smallish seasonal cookbook from a Rotary Club out here by the Bay - and I found a cute little Patriotic Kitty..... 

.... from Jim Shore, although I'm not really a kitty kat person, I liked the sentiment.....  not sure if I'll keep him or not......  

That's about ti for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Fun thrifty finds! Love the colorful kitty and the sentiment it expresses!

  2. I do like that kitty and I'm not really a cat person. I would keep it for the patriotic value as I love to decorate with red, white, and blue. Or , it would be a great little gift to a cat lover friend.

  3. I love that cat's green eyes!


  4. Dearest Edgar: I love thrifting, wonderful finds.

    Happy Easter


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