Friday, May 31, 2013

Wrapping up the Long Weekend

Gentle Friends on the eve of this weekend I wanted to wrap up last weekend - we started it off last Friday (both of us taking the day off from work) with a new Breakfast place (or a new to us breakfast place) SF is full of places to eat and we will never run out of the "new."  A friend of ours suggested this place a long time ago, but with it being in Lower Pacific Heights we just never get over there, and tend to go back to the same places to eat.  But, last Friday we made the drive over and were pleasantly surprised to find a really tasty place......

... Sweet Maple.  It is a smaller space than I would have expected and I can imagine it being very crowded during the weekends - but when we got there we were immediately seated and soon our delicious breakfast arrived.....

I ordered Marnier French Toast - over hard eggs and house made kaffir lime sausage - the coffee was super dark roast (like I like it) and the breakfast was very good, Rico had the same thing but with the millionaire Bacon (a house specialty that was good, but a bit chewy for my taste).

After breakfast we walked over to St Dominic's....  (click and read more about the church)

I am pretty sure I have talked about this lovely church before but it is so nice that it is worth mentioning again.....  here are some snaps.....

looking from the transept crossing down the nave of the church.....  and here are some of the great stained glass windows....

North Transept window.... The Twelve Apostles as Dominicans

South Transept window.... Notable Dominicans

Sorry about the snaps  - but my camera is small and handheld - If you ever get to SF and have a chance to see this space it is worth a visit.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!  
Have a super weekend!

Take care,


  1. Beautiful church! And glad you are still finding fun places to eat in SF! Always an adventure to try something new....

    Love your LK Christmas finish. I like those type of projects with no stress...just move from one area to the next and not needing long periods to show some progress.

    Have a great weekend. pam in iowa

  2. What a gorgeous church! A definite must-see for our next visit : ) That breakfast looks delicious! Is Sweet Maple as good as Eddie's?

  3. That breakfast sounds (and looks) great! I want to try a kaffir lime sausage!!! As for "Millionaire Bacon"...I feel suspicious. Already, I am a person who feels ambivalence towards bacon, so...

    I'm guessing that it was baked in the oven, and brushed at least once during cooking with maple syrup. That would explain the chewiness (carmelized syrup) methinks.

  4. The stained glass windows are glorious!

  5. It is always fun to check in with your blog. Not only to see what you are stitching or what treasures you find at estate sales, but to follow your travels around SF. We have lived in the Bay Area now for close to 10 years and whenever we BART into SF and play "tourist" we seem to go to the same ol' places, never venturing into some of the wonderful places you post about. Thank you! Some day...

    Take care!

  6. What a beautiful church. Very large. Your newly discovered breakfast spot looks like a win! It must be nice to live in an area with so many choices. I live in a very small populated area with not so many choices...*sigh*.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Edgar, your restaurant and recipe reviews always make me want to take a bite out of my computer screen!
    The photos of Saint Dominic's are lovely. Old churches have some of the best architecture and workmanship ... things that can't seem to be replicated today.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. What a beautiful church set against a lovely blue sky. I always enjoy your photos of SF.

  9. St. Dominic's is beautiful! I can't believe we never made it there when in San Francisco. It's definitely on the must-see list now. Breakfast looked pretty good too!

  10. The church is divine (pun intended)!! I especially love the stained glass windows. You captured them well!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure...

  11. What an absolutely gorgeous church! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh my gosh, that breakfast looks delicious! Love the pictures of the church too. Beautiful!

  13. I always so enjoy your pictures of your beautiful city. We share the same opinion of coffee. My DH tries it first if we are in a new restaurant. He likes it mild. If he likes it it will be much too weak for me. In mochas, I put 3 shot of espresso. I love the dark strong NW coffee! Nothing quite like it!

  14. What a lovely church, it looks like one of the real Norman gothic ones we have over here

  15. What a beautiful church. I went to SF almost 3 weeks ago to visit my sister. I love SF. There are so many options for food there plus the weather is least to a native Floridian. The transportation system is awesome too.

  16. Beautiful church, magnificent windows.

  17. Beautiful church. Love the windows

  18. Yes to awesome weekend adventures. The breakfast looks awesome and definitely worth the drive. The church is magnificent. I love older churches like that because they are so majestic and full of history. The stained glass was a work of art all on its own.