Friday, May 3, 2013

Buying Some Incense

Gentle Friends I often come to the Blog with either way too much to yap about or zilch - today I could go on for pages - but I'll have to restrain myself to a single topic - our drive home the other day.  It was last Wednesday when we swung by Japan Town - we hadn't been over that way in a long time. 

I had run out of the "good stuff" and have burning some lesser incense.  Although much less expensive than what I like it is very smoky and way too ashy.   As you know I love the stuff - I either have a candle or some incense burning all the time.  

There is lots of different types of incense out there, I prefer Japanese incense - I've tried lots of different brands, types, combinations and have over the years just gravitated to the Japanese.  The best shop in SF, that I have found is in Japan Town, so it was there we were headed.  along with my camera....  

This is the fountain in front of the West Building -  it is next to the Peace Tower .... you can see it's the tail end of the cherry blossoms.

The store I always go to is Asakichi, in the west building.  Asakichi is actually four separate stores in the Japan Center, but my focus has always been on the intimate store that sells incense.  It's small, like three people is a crowd small, but just packed with tons of choices.  Their focus is Japanese incense but they carry other types from other countries.  I picked up some Horin Niro (sandalwood coils), Daihtsu (sandalwood sticks) and some Sei Fu - (another woody stick type) -  we headed downstairs tot he Sanrio Store to check out some Hello Kitty things, Rico's great niece love her some Hello Kitty, so we thought we would pick something up....

There are walls of Hello Kitties... and shelves of Hello Kitties...

It's amazing to see what all can be emblazoned with Hello Kitty......  and there were even some...

Bad Badtz-Maru - the spiky haired penguin!!  Although we didn't stay to have a delicious sushi dinner we did stop a a KFC and had some tasty chicken!!

That's about it for the week sports fans!!  Thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!

Take care,


  1. Once again, I'm envious of your ability to stop wherever you want in SF. Beautiful pics. I love San Rio stuff. lol! All the different characters are so much fun!

  2. Oh my, Hello Kitty! Adèle loves Hello Kitty. Well, at least we think she loves Hello Kitty ever since she grabbed a Hello Kitty nightgown at WalMart and refused to let go. Since then, she's acquired a pillow pal (which was funny because it was the size of her at the time), several shirts, three Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitties, a set of bedsheets with matching comforter and a few weekends ago, a metal lunchbox (which she also grabbed and refused to let go). She'll talk to them and then pat them on the head. Of course, I can't understand a word she says because of her language delay so I'm not sure what she talks to them about. I swear I've heard her say "kitty" at least once.

  3. Very pretty pictures*•*
    Big hugs x

  4. Very interesting info on incense. I love good smelling things around the house. I will have to try and find some Japanese incense!! All that Hello Kitty stuff!!!! Wow!

  5. John & I never made it to Japan Town. Next time : ) I love burning candles but haven't burnt incense for years because I've never seen anything but the poor quality stuff sold at junk shops. Will have to try some JT stuff someday : )

  6. I always have incense burning too. OMG all those Hello Kitties that is my version of hell LOL

  7. Hi Edgar , de first pic reminds me so much of Chile that i got tears in my eyes !!

    Did you ever try the Nag Champa incense ?? I love that smell !!

    hugs, Patti

  8. My daughter loved Hello Kitty too when she was little and she was always watching the videos. I still remember that the green froggy is keroppi and I think the blue guy is tuxedo Sam. How's that for a memory? LOL!

  9. Just look at the amount of Hello Kitties!!


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