Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Is that a puppy foot?"

Gentle Friends I thought I would talk a little about some thrifting today - I have seen lots of "Thrifting Thursdays" out there and like that idea so I will borrow it......

We actually made it to a few of the regular places and a couple of Estate Sales, but with all that running around it was more of a fun chase than great things to buy type outing..

Starting from the top left... you can see The Peach's puppy foot (feet) - whenever something is on the floor the "herd" runs over to investigate.  Usually I can get a snap without an intrusion, but no such luck with these pictures. 

 I found the yellow ware bowl at a consignment shop for a couple of dollars.  I do love yellow ware.  How could I pass on Miss Shirley's autobiography, and I'm a nut for Christmas, and added "Olive the Other Reindeer" to the ever growing Christmas Collection -  The last book "The King's Way" is an English translation of a french novel by Françoise Chandernagor.  I have a copy of it in French but my French is not a good as it used to be... but then again what is??  The two DVD's I absolutely needed, of course.  You would think with the 1000's of DVD's and Blu Ray's I have I would have these two, but I didn't and they were only a few dollars each so why not.  The silver plate jelly roll sever is monogrammed "US" so I think it is a piece of Military silver plate, and for .99 I wasn't going to pass it up.  

So there you go, my purchases.  there are a couple of sales this weekend so I'll be back out there looking.

That's about it for toady sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Great finds... I'm envious of the yellow ware. I think the puppy foot adds dimension to the photo... kinda like the models on the Price is Right! haha

  2. Dearest Edgar: I love all your books, I love the Rudulph book I take mine out every Christmas.
    The yellow ware is getting harder to find.
    all your finds are wonderful, I love thrifting I grew up going to the Salvation Army every saturday, my Mother found such great deals some of our Christmas presents were from there we were very poor, I respect my Mother for what she did for us.
    Happy Spring to you and the Family.

    P.s. I will drop your package in the mail tomorrow.

  3. Nice finds! I have that Olive book too! lol! Isn't it by Drew Barrymore? Or did she just do the cartoon of it on TV? Love the puppy foot. lol!

  4. You are a champion thrifter!!

  5. Great finds, the silver server is beautiful.

  6. Great finds...especially the little bowl.
    Yep...that's a puppy foot alright!

  7. Great finds, I like the silver spoon.
    Greetings from germany

  8. Wonderful finds. I have the same trouble with cat feet with the added problem of they *have* to touch everything.