Monday, March 5, 2012

Two Nice Days off

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends we had two lovely days off.  The weather was top notch - in the mid 70's and sunny so no fighting the rain or fog!  

We basically ran lots of errands Saturday - I dropped two pieces at the framers and will have them back in a couple of weeks.  One of the errands we ran was because we lost our replacement iron - it was a not so good one we picked up at Walgreen's for $10 to replace an iron we had for years - the RI (replacement iron) lasted for about a year - and finally was on it's last heating element Friday evening so we decided to just go out and get a good iron - and since there was a sale at Macy's off we went... we ended up with a super one from Rowenta - before the RI we had a Rowenta and I really liked it a lot!!  The one we got is this ONE...

One of the best features is that the cord retracts!!!  It also heats up fast and steams a dream!!

Other than running errands, and doing laundry - with some help!!

There's nothing like some warm laundry to get into   Since the weather was relatively dry and sunny we steam cleaned the carpets.

 I did get is some stitching on ATS.  Here is an updated snapperoo of where it stands at the moment....

I have finished up the two side clouds and have started on the lighter, middle part - This piece will move to the back burner this week as I will be stitching and finishing up on two exchange pieces getting them ready for mailing next week.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by.  Do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Love your dogs! Your stitching is coming along nicely too. I just heard that there was a pretty big earthquake in the Bay area this morning. I know you are probably very used to it, but just wanted to check and make sure everything was fine with you and yours.

  2. A new iron always excites me. Yes, I'm weird ... lol! The one I have now is lasting me "forever" so I am living my new iron fantasy through your post : )

  3. I might as well sell my ATS since I prefer to watch others stitch it! Those pups - what cuties. I have a Rowenta and they are fabulous. Great purchase ain't it?

  4. Love the ATS, your clouds look lovely, nice blending. What ADORABLE doggies :) Have a great day!

  5. What an adorable helper you have for doing laundry! Your project looks lovely!I'm doing a large sampler and I think you do need to take breaks now and then.

  6. Such a lovely piece of stitching.
    An iron with retractable cord, how cool! Mmmm maybe that should be hot lol

  7. Your ATS looks great! You're steaming through the cloud part. A retracting cord on an iron sounds great! Love the pic of the pup on the laundry too. So cute!

  8. Your weather sounds like wonderful and your ATS is looking great.

    I have a Rowenta with a retracting cord and wouldn't have anything else. The steam is wonderful for pressing cross stitch and quilting.

  9. Love the photo of the who hounds in the laundry. ATS is looking good. I like the way the clouds turned out.

  10. Lovely stitching. Are you sure there weren't any more who hounds under the laundry? I hope you are all ok following the earthquakes in your area.

    Linda in Maryland

  11. Nice iron. Thanks for posting. Went to the Rowenta site and found they have a plate cleaner. Ordered it since the plate on my Rowenta needs cleaning badly. Your stitching piece is coming along quite nicely.

  12. Hi Edgar! Let me know how your iron works out for you. I'm nor very happy with the one I have. It doesn't seem to get hot enough and I can't get the creases out of my linen fabric when I use it.

    Lovely stitching on ATS. I just clued in to which design this is. This is one BAP!! I think I would have a hard time managing all that fabric.

  13. Lovely stitching!!! Rain and Fog in San Francisco?

  14. Beautiful progress on ATS. I desperately need to get back to mine. I am soooo close to finishing page 1!