Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reviewing a Lovely Cross-Stitch Kit

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends today's post will be a bit different than my usual "what's up in edgar's life" type blathering that I usually inflict on you dear people.  Instead... I wanted to talk about a really wonderful opportunity that just fell into to my lap.  A couple of weeks ago Yiota from "Yiota's  X Stitch" sent me an email asking about reviewing one of her cross-stitch kits.  I had seen a few reviews on other Blogs and my interest had already been peaked.  I wrote back accepting her kind offer and perused the Shop Site to select the chart I wanted to talk about in my review - The Shop is very comprehensive and there are literally 100's of Kits for all levels of ability - I eventually decided on "Sheep" as my choice.

Not only am I drawn to really great sheep in art but this guy reminded me of those 19th century paintings of prize winning farm animals.  Yiota's shop is located in England but the international mail got me the package lickity split - and the kit was sent in a really sturdy cardboard envelope so it arrived in tip top condition without incident.

The kits that Yiota and her husband have devised are all inclusive for each project - you have the choice of either 14ct Aida Cloth or 28 ct Evenweave - I chose the Evenweave.  There are also super clear instructions, a very legible chart with clear symbols ( a real plus in my book!!) all the lovely floss to complete the project. 

The floss is by Madeira, a German Company, but there are DMC equivalents listed if you would prefer to convert the colours.  I have never used Madeira floss, but the floss colours are great and they are all prewound onto sturdy little bobbins clearly marked with the colour number.  You also get a needle - Like I said before it is an all inclusive kit - just pop it open and get to stitching....

The whole experience was perfection from first contact to delivery of kit - in fact the quality of the fabric, floss and charts would lead one to believe that they had been purchase separately and not from a kit.  I would highly recommend Yiota and her lovely on line shop  I am really looking forward to stitching up this great Sheep!!

Last night I stitched a bit more on Shores - I'll have a snap of that in the morning.  
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  1. Thanks for the review. It looks like a wonderful kit.

    It's only appropriate that you chose a sheep. ;-)

  2. Nice review! I like the kit you chose too. I think this one and the Strawberry Thief kit I saw on another review are my favorites so far. :D

  3. Lovely kit! And Yiota is from Greece originally!She has great Greek themed kits on her shop as well!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Whoops! I was thinking "review" but typed "interview." It's been a long day ... lol!

  5. Love the review you gave and the kit you chose.


  6. Thanks for an informative review. Great choice of kits - sheep are a favorite of mine.

  7. I never stitch from a kit - don't see many in my area
    although I know I could order one. This one looks great and as you said, quite complete! The floss
    colors are beautiful. I think you will enjoy this piece -- I can just see it hanging on your wall...

  8. I've seen a few people review her kits. They look so nice. She has such nice patterns but none of them really called to be unfortunately. :(

    Well, I'm about to be unemployed here soon. Maybe I'll take another look then.