Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some Super Mail and a Flicker

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I was so happy to read in the comments that the little clip went over with a hoot - and there are so many fans of the show.  I really enjoy Downton Abbey and was (still am ) a huge fan of Upstairs Downstairs - although of the same period and feeling they are different stories - one city one country - great acting and great looks about them both!!

Yesterday the mails brought to super packages - the first one I opened was an Exchange piece from Marie - Creative Thread - she was my partner in the HOE Santa Ornament Exchange.  Here is a snap ...

He is a real darling little guy - called "Wee Santa 2004" from Heart in Hand designs.  As always it is perfectly stitched and finished and will look so cute on my stitching tree next year!!  Thank you so very much Marie!!!!  I'll be finishing up mine this weekend and getting it in the mail next week.

The second package has come from so very far and took the long way around the globe as it has taken it over a month to arrive.  It is a sweet giftie from a Blogging Buddie from Greece!!  It was from Ariadne - Ariadne From Greece - stop by her Blog and wish her a Happy Birthday!!  Here is a snap...

She sent me a cute little stitched ornie for my stitching tree, a skein of lovely yellow silk and a bar of delicious Greek Chocolate!!  Thank you so much for you thoughtfulness - and thank goodness it has finally arrived!!  Isn't that a great stamp!

The flicker was a one I saw last night - it was from my Netflix Queue and is a newer film - Midnight in Paris - 2011 - starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Kurt Fuller and Mimi Kennedy - 

I was hesitant to see this film and have avoided it since it first came out for many reasons -  here are a few.... I am no fan of Woody Allen films (except "Radio Days - love this film!!),  Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdmas' "acting ability" is lacking and so very wooden so often!!

But, what intrigued me about the film finally pushed me to see it...  I love the idea of time travel and for Owen Wilson's character to travel back and forth from the present to the 1920's and then back even furthur to the 1890's and forward again - and to meet some of the most famous ex-pats living in Paris between the Wars - like a dream come true!!  So, if you can get past Owen and Rachel and go along for the ride you will enjoy it as much as I did last night.  It is not a long film at 94 minutes and the visuals are spectacular - Paris has never looked so good!!

That's it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, do come again!

Take care,


  1. What a sweet ornament! Great stitching.

  2. A lovely ornament & a lovely gift! Will check out the DA/UD clip today ... wasn't feeling well yesterday so hunkered down in the recliner & stitched most of the day. Thanks for the info on Paris. Will check it out : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  3. Beautiful gifts, congratulations on receiving them!

  4. We were in Paris when that movie was being filmed and were eating at a restaurant that opened onto the sidewalk (our table was right by the sidewalk, essentially) and Owen Wilson walked RIGHT BY our table while he was walking his dog. There was some discussion over whether it was really him or not (half the table only saw the back of his head). I tried to get a picture but he soon turned into a side alley behind a door. I definitely wasn't going to follow a strange man down an alley! ;)

    That Greek chocolate looks amazing! I love chocolate and orange together.

  5. What fun packages in the mail! Including chocolate in a package? Always a good idea!

  6. what lovely gifts! It's funny becasue we also watched that same film last night and like you was hesitant becasue of the main characters. But the story line of traveling back to anoter era was fun :)

  7. Lovely gifts. The Santa Ornament is adorable.

    My DH and I saw Midnight in Paris when it first came out and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  8. Superb Santa ornie from your exchange partner and lovely gift all the way from Greece.
    Will have to look for that film, sounds like my kind of thing.

  9. Great exchange ornie. Love the package from Greece too. How sweet.
    I may have to look at that movie. I don't usually go for the newer ones either.
    Have a super weekend!

  10. What great gifts Edgar!

    I too love Downton and watched that little video that you posted yesterday only a few days before, very funny :-) You have reminded me that i have the 1st series of Upstairs Downstairs on DVD to start watching!

    I want to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog,it was much appreciated :-)

  11. What lovely goodies in the mail! I also have seen Midnight in Paris and I really enjoyed it too... I will have to check out Radio Days. I like some of Woody Allen's movies but I don't think I have seen that one. Enjoy your day :)

  12. Cute ornie from Marie! HIH designs are so fun and whimsical. Great package from Ariadne. I really liked Midnight in Paris for the scenery and flashback to the 20's too. So fun. Interesting too since I went to the Picasso exhibit right after seeing this film. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  13. Lovely mail you've received! I love good mail days! That's so funny that you watched Midnight in Paris. I watched it over the weekend and loved it. It got me back to reading A Moveable Feast and being into all that Paris in the 20s and 30s thing again. lol!

  14. I am so glad it finally arrived! Like you said it came the other way around the globe!AriadnefromGreece!

  15. So happy to see you got some fun stuff in the mail for yourself!

    I've been curious about that movie since I saw the preview. I'd really like to see it now! Rachel McAdams grew up in Canada about an hour from the little town where I live, so I kind of feel like she's our "local" celebrity.

  16. Wonderful stuff in the mail! We're eagerly awaiting Midnight in Paris to be released on DVD here--it's supposed to come out on the 6th. I'm not a huge Owen Wilson fan but I do like Rachel McA. I'm definitely not a Woody Allen fan, though.

  17. I have *never* seen a Woody Allen film - it's kind of become one of my goals in life to get through life without seeing one :), but now that he's making movies where he's not starring in it, I might be tempted to start watching some of the newer ones. :)

    Your santa is really cute!

    Have a good weekend, Edgar!

  18. Edgar, I feel the same as you about Woody Allen films and Owen Wilson, but LOVE Paris and was told the cinematography was exceptional in the movie, so that's the only reason I rented it. Wasn't disappointed, either. And loved the premise of the movie, but would've loved to see anyone but Owen Wilson play the part. His brother, Luke, would've been a much better choice! Again, loved re-visiting Paris, if only via film.

    Happy Friday!

    (posting this comment [via my TypePad acct] was a real bugger, so I went another route)

  19. I watched Midnight in Paris during this very cold and snowy weekend. I loved exactly what you said about it. Paris (I was there in the 90's and felt nostalgic!) and I loved seeing all those famous people Owen met there!AriadnefromGreece!