Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Stitching - an Exchange, a Present and a House

GR&DF it's Thursday, can we get a whoop - whoop!! Not that I am wishing away my life, but looking forward to the weekend. I do thank you all for the kind comments- and the chocolate covered strawberries are continuing to be totally delicious!! I did want to mention that I have opened up another Blog - specifically for baking and cooking and stuff like that - a place where I can post up the recipes and snaps to keep them together. The Blog is called Blacksheep Bakes and I have been tweaking and shifting stuff around for the last couple of days. If you would like you can click on over and give it a look. The first post is for the Pumpkin-Chocolate cake.

Nancy mentioned in the comments for yesterdays post the lamp in the roses snap - that was my Granny's Slag Glass lamp - she treasured it and when we broke up her home it was one of the things I really wanted to have - and so I see it everyday and think of her - such sweet memories.


I heard from Michelle that the HOE Hallowe'en Exchange I made for her had arrive - and here are a couple of snaps of what I made and sent....

I stitched up a chart from CHS - I painted a box I got a a craft store and attached the piece to the top and lined the inside with some pumpkin fabric.... here is a snap of the entire exchange...

This was a totally fun exchange as I really love all Hallows Eve and Fall things!!

Yesterday I said I would put up some of my more recent stitching.... here is a piece that I am making for a present -

You really cannot tell but the linen is a lovely blue colour and not grey. I want to get it finished up soon and framed as there are only 79 more days until Christmas.

Here is another piece I have been working on....

It is my SoHRH - still a great stitch - but the white fill on this house is a killer - remember - I so do not like white stitching.

I am also working on "The Garden Path" - but I just couldn't get a good snap of that last night - It kept coming out blotchy and mouldy looking - I will try again tonight for a better snap.

There you go sports fans - another post at the "Olde Blacke Sheepe." Just me being funny - It reallye botherse me to see extra e's tacked onto the ende ofe thingse - kinda drives me crazye!! Have a good one and stoppe back when you canne!

Take care -


  1. I'm so excited about your baking blog. I'm going over now to see it. Your stitching is awesome...and I so wish I were your exchange partner. It was a fabulous piece - the stitching and the finish!

  2. Congrats on the new blog!!

    Great stitches!

  3. What a beautiful exchange piece your parntr recieved. Looks great! I am a HUGE halloween/Fall fan. I love that our neighbor down the block is starting to get his yard ready it is really spooky :)

    Take Care and cant wait to visit your baking blog

  4. Congrats on the new blog! Can hardly wait to see what all you post on it!

    Seen that wonderful box from the HOE blog. Just wonderful!

    Hopee youe havee a nicee daye!

    (Sorry, I just got a big kick out of that last paragragh, I had to razz you!)

  5. Had to comment on the white stitching--Hate it!! Never do snowmen if possible. I stitch only over one so white is a killer-shows all the thread twists. UGH

    Your things are beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  6. That box is just lovely.

    SoHRH is looking so nice.

  7. Your Halloween box is a treat to behold!

  8. I would say Michelle is a very lucky person to have that beautiful exchange gift! That design stitches up so pretty, and you did an awesome finishing job!

  9. Your exchange piece is great as are your progress on your various wip's. So glad all your recipes will be in one place and easy to find. Thanks for the baking blog!

  10. Glad to hear the exciting news of your baking blog. Can't wait to see more. :-)

  11. Hi Edgar,
    As a recent follower of this blog, I can't wait to follow the baking one! Thanks for sharing all that you do!
    Your exchange is fabulous, love the stitching and the clever finish.
    All of your wip look great...can't wait to see the "finished products" :)

  12. Wow, that is the most beautiful exchange gift! You're amazing! Love your SoHRH and the present stitching as well.

  13. I love the box! You may not like white stitching, but it sure looks striking. Going to check out Blacksheep bakes... although something tells me it will mean a lot more exercise in my future.

  14. I have already become a follower of your baking blog - by next most favorite hobby!! Your baking always sounds and looks so good!

    Your exchange packet was fantastic. What a wonderful way to finish that really cute stitched piece.

    Your other WIP's look like they are coming along fine - can't wait for further updates.

  15. Edgar that box you made for Michelle is just da bomb! Love it. Shores is looking great - I plan to start that monster piece next year and will keep watching here for any tips. :o)

  16. OMG Your Halloween exchange for Michelle is so wonderful!

    Lovely WIPs...ROFLOL at those "e's!!!

  17. That's a terrific exchange! The box is beautiful! Going to visit your baking blog now. Nancy D.

  18. Hi,great exchange,love all things halloween,can you tell me the designer of the skeleton design that's on your header

  19. Your finishing is always so lovely! I am with you on the white stiching...boooo...not a fan either. I look forward to your baking blog! You are quite the pastry chef. :)

  20. Saw this one Michelle's blog! What a gorgeous exchange!
    Great work on the WIPS.

  21. I am thinking that piece that you're stitching for a present looks a little familiar . . .

  22. Your blog is amazing and your stitching is too! Happy Belated Birthday!

    Feathers in the Nest

  23. Hi Edgar I just went in and had a look at Berit's blog and want to say that I just love Prairie Schooler's November lined box that you made! Now I just have got to have that pattern next time I go into my LNS. Yours turned out so beautiful and your stitching is awesome! I also love the Halloween stitching here on your blog too! I too am working on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow as well as Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow. Aren't they pretty?

  24. Oh Edgar! I love, love, love the box you made for your exchange. It is awsome :-)
    Nice progress on your WIPs too. SoHRH is one of my favourites.
    I will be checking out your food blog too :-)

  25. love the lamp in your previous post - and Shari's Berries - YUM! Got them from my sweetie a couple years ago and they are advertised heavily on a radio station here in Michigan every Valentine's Day. HOpe you had a great bday - checking out your new blog next!