Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cooking Tuesday

GR&DF the post tiles are getting less creative - I wanted to mention that yes, Sharon named the lighthouse correctly - the piece is of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. I didn't realize I did not put the name of the place when I was writing about it. You can click HERE and read more about the history of the place. I have some really great memories of this place.

I posted two recipes on Blacksheep Bakes. Both were made over the weekend. The first recipe is for a pudding and the other for Apple Danish -

Although the danish is very tasty it is far from beautiful.

Last night I was stitching once again on something I can not show.

Not too much else going on - thanks for stopping by do come again!!

Tale care,


  1. I'm heading over to your other blog. :D

  2. Less creative...I don't think so. always intersting and usually some humour to lighten up the day...who else can deliver that. Apple danish....mmmm. Don't care what it looks like, I can taste it. Pudding , well we love puddings so off to check that out it may be good for supper tonight. Need something sweet on these dark days. I do love the red lighthouse.

  3. I think the danish looks lovely; especially on that beautiful plate--highlights the warm, golden-brown goodness of your pastry with the blue and crisp white. :D

  4. Oh honey - as long as it tastes good, you could serve it on a paper bag and I'd be there! This looks so yummy. My hubby loves everything apple so I might just have to surprise him and give this a try. (I hope mine looks half as lovely as yours!)
    I LOVE Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. It's one of our "must see" spots where we take folks who come to visit us who've never been to Florida before. Last time we were there, I had some health issues that made me unable to make the climb, so I actually paid MONEY for one of the shirts that say "I ALMOST climbed the lighthouse". LOL... Prayers still headed your way for you and Rico.

  5. I'm glad it was so obvious to Sharon that it was the Ponce Inlet - I wondered how closely the colors/graph matched the real thing! I want my brother to recognize it when I give it to him in January! :-)