Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Thursday....

GR&DF Rico and I thank you all for the kind words and healing thoughts!! Ja'Niece - I loved the comment!! I have been on the nagging end of the injury since it happened, and with his being stubborn to the point of idiocy, what could I do. I am just happy that it has finally gotten fixed and is now on the mend. The pain I think comes in waves, but with his popping his double strength percocet...he is sort of out of it big time.

I have posted the Gingerbread recipe on BSBakes. I made this on Sunday and it lasted until last night - with the last little piece I had for dessert.

I love this type of spicy heavy cake in the Fall. One of my most favorite gingerbread memories - and yes, I love the stuff that much to have a crazy memory tucked away in my ever so sieve like brain!! I was in Germany on tour - a lovely country btw!! - and we where in Nuremberg and found out this was a local specialty - and how!! Just soft and Delicious - called lebkuchen to me very gingerbread like. Love the stuff. I can usually find lebkuchen here, but only around the holidays... and they are fast approaching so I must start looking. These "cookies" made that trip along with the plethora of sausages I found everywhere and in every city we visited. How about this idea for a great trip - a sausage tour of Europe!! I would jump on the like a duck on a June bug!!

I will wrap it up for today - thanks for stopping by, do come again!

Take care,


  1. LOL Thanks Edgar. I bet Rico is one of those people who avoid doctors and hospitals at all costs. I can sympathize I try my best to avoid them too... LOL Jan

  2. I just ordered Lebkuchen from Vermont County Store's catalog ... I can't wait for the annual care package from our German relatives. [We send them maple syrup, and all the fixings for a New England style breakfast ... they make it into a party for their friends and neighbors]. I am afraid I was very impulsive and ordered four other kinds of cookies as well, including apple cider thins.

    I also collect gingerbread recipes - and will be heading over to your other blog to check out your recipe - and am planning on making my favorite recipe tomorrow ... culled from a library book years ago, it is meant to be accompanied by a lovely lemon-y custard sauce. I'll post it on my blog on Saturday, in case you want to take a look. Your right about the Fall just calling for certain foods ... I also picked up some apple butter at our local orchard ... so good when stirred into cooked-from-scratch steel cut oatmeal.

  3. Oh poor Edgar. Aren't patients just the funnest. My DH Leo is down with a pulled muscle in his back and I'll bet he could give Rico a run for his money in the complaint department. I'm going stitching this aft and can hardly wait. Hang in there.

  4. Love me some gingerbread!!! I'll be popping over to the other blog to see the yumminess and grab the recipe.

    I used to complain when my DH was out of commission but then I realized I was almost (ALMOST) worse than he I toned it down. But a few of those percocet would help a lot! HA!

  5. My, that looks delicious! We have two local German restaraunts, and they serve this delectable edible for the holidays...can't wait!

    When you get a break from slaving over a hot stove and taking care of your patient, hop on over to my blog and enter the Spooktacular Halloween Giveway 2010...lots of goodies to be had!

    How are the who-hounds doing? They are so precious!!


  6. Percocet helps big time but hard to get off of. It's avicious cycle. Hope Rico feels better soon. Sleep is good in the early stages of surgery / injury too and helps the body heal - so let him sleep and you can stitch!Tried "prized" sausages in a small village in England (apple and pork or something) they were delicious but not as good as that gingerbread looks. I do need to try this out even though I am a lousy baker. I will pop over for the recipe. Thanks Edgar....make sure you take care of yourself too.

  7. The dude and I actually have that tour as a book idea, called Europe on a Sausage Roll. Don't steal it! I came up with it at a Greek Fair when I was eating locanico.

  8. I love Lebkuchen! My MIL makes it every year - I'll see if I can scare up a recipe, I don't think they're hard.

  9. Ooooh I haven't made gingerbread cake for years! Off to peep at the recipe. x

  10. I do hope Rico feels better soon--I know all about stubborn, lemme tell you! I'd say Dear Marc is stubborn, but I think we're about equal...good thing we *usually* take turns.

    Spicy cakes are SO yummy. :)

  11. Edgar, we lived in Germany for over 4 years--military--and I absolutely love lebkuchen. Our commissary nearly always carries it. I also love gingerbread in the fall and winter, and yours looks amazing yummy. Ouch to sister just had surgery for a nearly severed Achilles last year and has recovered quite nicely. Good thoughts to you both. Marsha