Monday, February 15, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Weekend Stuff

GR&DF I am happy to report that Friday afternoon we came home to new windows and a new sliding glass door - installed correctly and not backwards. With only a minimum of worker dirt a quick vacuuming and a wipe with some Windex - and everything was cleaned up!!! It is amazing how quiet our home is now - it is usually, but with tight closing windows we can hardly hear the #24 Divisadero (a bus) rumble past our house at the bottom of the hill. I also felt quite a difference in how warm the rooms are..... I am now wondering how much of the heat was just pouring our of the cracks and crevices for the past 8 or so years!! The best window we got was in our bedroom. Where we had a stationary wall of glass - great for the views to the Bay Bridge - but for ventilation it just bit the big one!!! Now the wall of glass is actually broken into four large panes with the top two sliding windows to let in some air. I am a happy camper now!!!

The weekend events were few, but fun. On Saturday Dale and I went around to the Estate sales and Thrift/Consignment shops!! Here is a snap -

I picked up a couple of frames, a couple of books, a cute little chalk lamb (dated Easter 1952), and an Immersion blender. One of the Estate sales was the home of a stitcher/stasher. The entire guest bedroom was a stitching room. Mostly needlepoint things with dozens of projects started and either on scroll bars or pinned to frames. She had "startitus" really bad!! There was lots of finished and framed things but the unfinished outnumbered the finished by about 100 to 1. There was bags and bags and then some more bags of yarnage for knitting and crochet work. There was also lots of cross stitch projects started on Aida cloth and kits. Since I don't work on Aida I just passed these over, but in my digging I found a yard of 32ct white linen and a 1/2 yard of 32 ct cream linen - at a $1 a piece how could I pass it up - now I can try my hand at some dyeing of linen and not feel guilty if I screw it up. It was also at this sale that I found the two little embroidery scissors and the beautiful pinking shears along with the little oblong hoop and tape measure - can I have too many of these??? The large Roseville Poppy Jardiniere I picked up in a consignment shop for a pittance - $25 - now how could I pass this!! I don't collect Roseville but a bargain is a bargain - it is in really great condition without cracks or crazing.

I also worked on a couple of things this weekend. I finished up my section on Carol's RR - and here is my crappy snap of a lovely piece -

Carol chose a beautiful shade of blue - Magpie Tears - a HDF Silk. I worked the upper right corner and had to drop an acorn out to get my "M" in. This is working up beautifully and I hope that Carol likes what I have done.

I also worked a it on my Memorial Sampler - and here is another crappy snap -

This picture murders the piece and makes it look all brown - it really isn't but you can get the idea.

I watched a bunch of flicks - but I am going to save them for tomorrow.

It was a gorgeous weekend and the cherry trees are all in bloom. I do want to thank you for stopping by and hope you will stop by again. Until tomorrow my little cabbages.....

Take care,


  1. You are really moving along on your Memorial Sampler!

    Glad the windows and doors got installed before the weekend!

    Have a great day.

  2. What great things you found this weekend!

    Oh how I wish we could afford to have all of our windows replaced. I know they are horrible!

    You Memorial Piece is lovely!

  3. I love that Memorial Sampler - it is just too gorgeous for words. You have Cherry Blossom and we have snow!! Nothing more to say except
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  4. You will definitely see a great difference mainly in heating costs,I know I had when we changed our simple sliding doors to double glazed.
    I laughed so much when I saw what you bought at the estate sale!I have the same Braun but I don't use it any more!I hope you didn't buy it expensive!I used it only to make potato puree and cold quick coffee what we call Frappe here! I now use a small battery blender for the coffee and can take it anywhere with me and as for the puree potatoes-mashed I mean, I use a tupperware cheap press which makes them really great.
    Oh how lucky you have been to enter the cross stitcher's estate sale.I do cross stitch on aida so I think I would have bought a lot.You could buy and make them gifts but maybe all of your friends are evenweave stitchers!Anyway nice reading you again!Ariadne from Greece!

  5. You certainly found some wonderful treasures over the weekend!

    Your stitching is lovely as always Edgar!

  6. As always, you scored some really great treasures this week-end. The fact that you were able to find some stitchy treasures made them even better!
    Also as always, your stitching is just grand! That memorial sampler is just too great for words!

  7. Glad everything went well with the windows and doors.That was a good buy on that linen. I agree- now would be a good time to try hand -dying. I dare ya! Well I guess I can see why you wouldn't want to pass up a Roseville for $25. I have seen them for way way more than that! I'm stitching away on your goodie! Have a great day!

  8. So glad those windows and door got installed! Sounds like the one in your bedroom is fantastic! Great stash from the sales too. Love Carol's RR and your Memorial Sampler. No fair that you have cherry trees in bloom! lol!

  9. What wonderful finds at the estate sales! They are so much fun! It is like a treasure hunt with wonderful bargains thrown in! Glad you had fun and your new doors and windows are everything you wanted. Happy Stitching!

  10. Lovely finds! And it sounds like the new windows and sliding door are a welcome addition. Your stitching is always so beautiful.

  11. Beautiful stitching...

    and the Roseville WAS a great find, my mom collects it, and got so pricey, I give her stitched pieces now instead!

    Have a great day!!

  12. I know what you mean about a lousy snap dulling down a piece--nothing but those lately here!

    OOh, how I wish for cherry blossoms! We won't be getting ours here for at least another 2 months.

    More snow (and stitching if I don't pass out from random exhaustion) tonight!

    So glad to hear about the difference windows are making for you! :D

  13. Nice work, Edgar, as usual. The memorial is coming along nicely. The Roseville piece is just lovely - you are right that it was a bargain not to be pase up. Wish I could find bargains like that here in Maine!

  14. Yeah, new windows!!! Love your new found treasures you acquired over the weekend. Treasure hunting is always so fun. Great progress on those samplers, too.

  15. Great haul from your weekend adventures! And, I love the progress pics... good for you!!

  16. Wish I could afford to have the windows on my house replaced.

    You found some nice new treasurers on your hunt.

    Love the Memorial Sampler where did you get it fron.

    Hugs Sunny

  17. It looks like you have been busy lately Edgar with your Stitching. Your Memorial Piece is coming right along.

    I am now getting the TCM Channel and all of the other ones too. I love to sit and watch the old time movies. They are the best.

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

  18. Hmm, no blogging for a few days. Hope that means computer problems and not that you're unwell.

    Hoping you're well and stitching!

  19. I was wondering where Edgar is too!

  20. hope all is well with you guys.....missing your daily posts

  21. Love the Memorial Sampler. Did you have to say Cherry Trees were in bloom when I'm looking out my window at Moola Inches of Snow!!!! Waaaaahhhhhh

  22. What great finds; especially the Roseville pottery! I love the idea of our stash living on even long after we do, so I'm glad you took home a few of another stitcher's treasures.