Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Mail brings some Goodies

GR&DF how very kind you all where about the goofy snap of myself and my beautiful scarf - which btw I was told is made from a blend of cotton and silk and not wool and silk - it is still lovely and soft no matter what it is made from.

I was a winner over at Jolene's Blog back in January - she had acquired some grab bags and wanted to share the bounty. The package went into the mail on January 22 and it just arrived yesterday - and it only had to came from Utah..... such a long time it must have gone by way of outer Mongolia or something - usually the mail is so much quicker. Here is a snap of all the goodies....

There was some really cute charts and a chocolate/caramel treat also - Thank you so much Jolene!!!!!

There where some questions in the comments.... Donna asked if I used the soap I got - I do - and I love it. For some reason my old rhino hide is dry as a bone and using handmade soaps keeps my from being a flakazilla - I will cut the bars in 1/2 as they are really big and it makes them easier to use. Terri mentioned a flick "The Uninvited" - 1944 - an excellent spooky film set at the seaside in England. Sharlotte mentioned a film I had not heard of "Onionhead" - 1958 - I will need to look out for this film as it does sound interesting, thanks!! Ariadne wanted to know of any Sea Themed samplers - the one the immediately springs to mind would be Carriage House Samplings - "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow"... I am sure there are more out there - any suggestions??

I am really enjoying my venturing into the world of trading charts - and will be post some more charts for trade today - check it out HERE.

Keeping it short today - thank you again for the kind comments I do appreciate them all!!

Take care,


  1. The goodies from Jolene are always great. I have been on the receiving end of packages from her a few times. She's a peach! I think you would like "Onionhead". It also stars Walter Matthau, another favorite actor of mine.

  2. Jolene is the sweetest blogging friend, don't you think? Congrats on your win.
    Love the scarf your sister made! You look handsome in it. I love seeing what my blogging friends look like. Maybe someday I'll be in San Fran, and recognize you. Wouldn't that be fun?!
    Take Care

  3. Wow, I wonder why the mail took so long? What a great stash haul from Jolene! She's so much fun, isn't she? As for sea related samplers, there are so many! But what about the great samplers from By the Bay like the 13th Colony series or the newer Tidal River Series -- which is basically sea related. There's another one I think is called Whaling or something, but I can't remember who the designer is and it's driving me crazy!

  4. Wasn't that fun opening the package? I won one of those too and it arrived last Friday. I wonder if it's the snow in certain areas making it slow (eg transport not running often). I don't know but good thing it finally arrived. Got a favourite? I like that LDD church.

    That's a very nice picture of you with the scarf! You look very distinguished! ;-)

  5. What a great scarf from your sister--lucky you! Clearly talent with thread runs in the family. ;) Congrats on the package from Jolene--she is just so sweet.

    Sea themed designs... what about Carriage House's mermaids? And SB Sail Away?

  6. Hi Edgar! I was also lucky enough to be a winner in that draw - what fun it is to open a mystery package like that!

    My package also arrived yesterday and I live in South Africa (it was also posted on January 22).

    Love the scarf - it looks great!

  7. hi Edgar really enjoy reading your blog I do not have one as I'm not quite sure how they work I do enjoy reading them-saw a chart on your trade list I would love to have-the blackbird loose feathers if you'll contact me and give me a list of 3-4 in order of preference i'll see what i can do thanks jane

  8. Oh I love your new blog header. Way cool! And I think you look very dashing in your new scarf!

  9. Congrats on the arrival of the goodies!

  10. lol @ "old rhino hide" I'm quite dry, you've given me, perhaps, a "practical" reason to try some of that lovely-sounding soap! I often cut bars of even commercial soap down to make them more manageable.

    Regarding Sea Samplers, I'm working on a Band sampler from Dinky Dyes called "Wave Dancer"

    It's the opposite of prim, but the colours are such a treat in real life and As I have a soft spot for band samplers I couldn't pass this up. When have you seen a band sampler with Jellyfish!? It's a WiP/UFO right now in my basket. I'm approaching the dolphin and not sure what I want to do in his place. I think he's "a bit much".

    Oh, also RE hair falling out, that's why I hurried up to cut it is because it had reached that tipping point where it became so long that it was falling out alarmingly. :) After cutting, problem solved.

    P.S. Jolene is wonderful; looks like you got a La D Da I don't recognize in there.

  11. Boy did you get great stash and chocolate from Jolene - she is such a sweetie! I love the rabbit but then I always love rabbits!
    Patti xxx

  12. Thank you everyone for all the ideas about sea samplers!
    And an idea for you trade blog Edgar.Wouldn't it be great to post photos of the charts you want to trade?Ariadne from Greece!

  13. Just wanted to say I adore the new banner photo of your samplers. And that you are equally adorable in your new scarf. And nifty win!

  14. What great goodies!!!! You always get the best mail.

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  16. The goodies are always great to receive! Love your new banner too. I'm a huge fan of classic movies so I'm going to look for The Uninvited and give it a try. If you haven seen Leave her to Heaven w/Gene Tierney I highly recommend that one.

  17. Nice giveaway! I like your new scarf. Have you seen the one I am giving away? I really like your header pic as well.