Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Super Mail .... and New Pidges

GR&DF thank again for the kind words about my snaps and adventures in Baghdad By the Bay. It is fun to do things out of our routine - I think it is just the getting up the gumption to do them that is half the battle -

Yesterday brought mail surprises..... where to start... I won a give away over on Sherry's Blog and the chart arrived yesterday - as you may have figured out I have a real weakness for samplers!!

It is a very traditional pattern that will be fun to do!! Thank you so much Sherry!!

The mail also brought my HOE Fall Needle Roll from Laurence.
It is a real darling and so delicate -

The chart is from Bent Creek - and the stitching is 1/1. Laurence also included a beautiful pottery French heart. She mailed this while on vacation in Germany and the PC included is from Oberammergau - a small village in the mountains that is famous for the Passion Play they have performed every decade since 1634. I have been to this little place and remember it fondly as very picturesque as are all the hamlets tucked into the Alps. Thank you so much Laurence!!

I also got a couple of charts to add to my SABLE stash pile...

I'm telling you I just cant resist them!! Now with all the new things coming out they are just wrecking me as I know I will have to have some of that also!!! I am just weak - weak I tell ya!!!!! My own stitching last night was on exchanges and RR things so no snaps.

We have some new Pidges - jeez does that Mama Stink Eye ever quit!! Here is a snap since the MSE hadn't moved off of them since they popped out of the egg -

Once again these cuties are just as vulture like as the other Chickie's.....

There you go sports fans - short and sweet - Remember that there are only 4 more days to sign up for the Birthday Drawing - to sign up click over to this POST. Have a great One!!!

Take care,


  1. You have new pidgies! I was wondering about the others. Look forward to hearing stories about the new ones.Congrats on your win and your mail windfalls! I love that Yule Game Board pattern from the Primitive Needle. I collect game boards. It looks like one I'll have to pick up.I just might see if DH will do that with me as a joint project.Have a good one!

  2. New pidgies?! Whoa...that mama bird needs to control herself around the male birds.

    Awesome mail! Congrats on winning the chart from Sherry. Love the fall needleroll!

  3. Oh what fun -- love all the stash and prize and all. :D And new little pidges! Unbelievable! It's really interesting to know how often one mother pidgeon can have babies. Who knew! As for market -- I have absolutely no restraint! lol! Which is really bad!

  4. The pigeons are too cute! I've never seen them so small. Fabulous new stash--love it! Your exchange piece is lovely, too--so delicate!

  5. I think you should re-name Ms. Stink Eye to Ms. Michele Duggar Stink Eye.

    (Did you see that she is expecting baby number 19?)

    (Holey Schmoley, I can't seem to manage one Spinster and a dog...)

    (Get off 'er, Jim Bob!)

  6. J'ai également un faible pour les samplers....
    Quels beaux oisillons!

  7. ---Michele Duggar Stink Eye lolololol!!! I concur! I'm jealous of your mail as usual but I need to slap myself and realize that It's only my sickness speaking...I do have a stash...I can make it....no, really, I can make it!

  8. More pidgies - I think our mother pidge has finished for the year - I hope!

    A great mail day!

  9. You gotta love those great mail days! More pidgies?? That momma gets around doesn't she? :o)

  10. Cute little Pidgies...and great mail haul!! Lucky lucky you!

  11. Very nice stash! Amazing Midge the Pidge (aka Mama Stinky Eye) had more pidges. She's a very busy pigeon that's for sure. :-)Thanks for the pics of the new pidges.

  12. The new pidgies are so cute! Congrats on your win from Sherry. The rest of your mail stash is awesome, especially the Yule Game Board. Don't ya just love those stash-in-the-mail days?!