Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It was a Fun 3 Day Weekend!!!!

GR&DFF the three day weekend is over - and now it is sad Tuesday. Well, maybe not that sad!! We had a great three days off - doing our usual thing with a twist on Saturday.

We ran around to many garage sales and a few Estate sales and I picked up only a few things. It is amazing how reticent I am and think twice before I buy any little old thing. The cleaning and sorting is still going on and our second spare room is full of boxes and bags and piles of stuff for the upcoming yard/garage sale... but let me get back to one of the things I picked up...

This great frame - and it fit my Quaker RR piece perfectly - I was so excited about it when I got it home. In this snap I have blown the colour and bright so you could see some of the frames detail. The frame had its original old picture in it with the old backing and judging from the clothes I would think it daates to the late 1880's. Here is a close up of the faux graining and the great band of gilt shamrocks -

Here is a shot of my big purchases....

This shows the frame as I bought it with the photo - I also bought an old souvenir plate from SF and a squirrel tea pot. I bought the tea pot for a friend who collects squirrel things. It was a pretty lite day for getting stuff - but like I said shifting through the piles of my crap I am thinking - do I need more crap??? I also tackled a bear by going through my four bookcases and sifting out the books I don't want. I now have three big boxes and two bags of books to sell. I am thinking of dragging them to a used book store first to see what I can move there before Saturday. We also tackled the storage area under the staircase - and I saw stuff come from out of there that I had totally forgotten about - what was I thinking!!! Keeping all that junk! Now all that is left is to got through the upstairs hall closet and the two closets in our bedroom - what a nightmare that will be!!!! The hall closet is packed so full that I haven't a clue what is lurking in there!

Now back to Saturday - for lunch we stopped on Geary at Kitaro. A sushi place - yummy!!! Dale and I love sushi - Rico is not the seafood fan that we are so he passed. Here is a snap of the Mexican and 49'er rolls I had -

Rico had chicken Teriyaki and so I took a snap of his also -

The vegetable tempura was really delectable!! We parked outside of a this bakery -

and stopped in on our way back to the car and I am so glad we did.
Everything was just great and I brought home these....

From l to r three large shortbread cookies two with chocolate and one with white icing. Three little pieces of short bread and a great mince filled scone!! That scone was just perfect and the mince was all holiday tasting. Rico and Dale do not like mince and I think it is not for everyone but I love it and loved this pastry!! We will go back!!

After lunch we where finished with second hand shopping but the day was so nice we decided to plat tourist and drove over to Pier 39. Being that the Bay Bridge was closed kept out of the city many who would have come over and the Pier was not as crowded as it could have been. I took quite a few snaps....
This is how pretty the weather was and you can see the east bay in the back. We stopped in a Christmas Shop and I couldn't resist taking some snaps there...

There was a large Jim Shore display - here are the Fall/Thanksgiving things...

Some really cute Santa's...

a few of the Disney pieces.... Also in this Christmas shop - or I should say Holiday Shop they had set up a super Halloween town...

As I was walking out I turned a corner and stumbled onto...

The Jim Shore Halloween stuff - who knew!! We also stopped into the "bulk candy shop" - and did some damage....

They have barrels of candy and the salt water taffy is just so pretty in all its pastel colours. On the way back to the car it was time far a snack and what better than fresh little donuts - hot out of the vat o'grease!
They are just a mouth full each and I popped one in and burned the crap out of my tongue!! Crossing over the pedestrian bridge back to the parking lot I took this snap of the less than packed pier -

It was a beautiful day on the pier but out on the Bay was another thing....

This is looking towards the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz -
the fog was pushing in and blotting out the sun.

There you go sports fans - a fun day and a great weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar, these are such beautiful photos! My daughter is a Marine and she is out at Camp Pendleton. You make me wish I had as nice of a weekend as you all did lol! But I can't complain, I actually got some stitching done!

  2. Oh my goodness what a full weekend you all had! Your Quaker RR looks WONDERFUL. That frame is just perfect! It is just stunning.
    As usual the food pics are making my stomach stir!
    Hope you get all your clearing out done without too much gnashing of teeth :-)
    Have a great week
    Oh BTW I LOVE that squirrel teapot, so cute!!!!

  3. Love your updates and Photos! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Love the frame! Is that just perfect for your sampler or what??

    Love all the snaps you put on your blog of the shops in your area that you visit. Thanks for sharing :)

    At least it will be a short week for you. Missed your blog this weekend...LOL

  5. Edgar, oh my gosh, I should know better than to read you at 11:15AM on a Monday morning (I'm on the east coast). I'm practically drooling after looking at your photos! My partner across from my cubicle can probably hear my stomach growling. The frame was a fabulous find - the shamrocks a unique touch.

  6. Oh! and it's not Monday, it's Tuesday!

  7. Oh my! What a lovely post! I wish I had been there with you all. You found some great items this weekend -- love that frame for your Quaker! And the Quaker too of course! :D And oh the many things you did! That food is making me so hungry! And the baked goods and the Christmas shop! What eye candy there! And the bulk candy shop! My son would go nuts there. :D You are so lucky to live in SF. I love the SF Bay area. My grandmother and other relatives lived there when I was growing up, so it's very nostalgic for me to see SF. I miss it. Thank you for a great blog post -- it really lifted my spirits. :D

  8. I love it!!:

    Shamrock detail on wonderful frame!

    Sushi and Veggie Tempura!

    That "cat-drawn" Halloween cart!

  9. Edgar your frame find is exquisite, and your sampler looks absolutely stunning in it! What a find, and it looks like you found some other nice things as well. The food looks delicious, and Pier 39 is so beautiful!

  10. Great pics!! Your piece looks wonderful- that frame is gorgeous as is your stitching. :)

  11. You were meant to find that frame for your beautiful Quaker stitching. Did you have an idea that it would fit when you saw it? You've inspired me to look for an old frame for a couple of pieces instead of taking them to a frame shop - even if it does mean waiting a while!

  12. What a perfect frame for your Quaker RR. Looks like you guys had a great weekend. Love that Jim Shore stuff - thanks for the eye candy. :o)

  13. First off...I abso-bloomin-lutely LOVE that frame you got and it is PERFECT for that Quaker!! WOW!!

    AND...I know about the Jim Shore pieces...aren't they lovely?! I'd love to have a couple of those witches, and santas and well lots more!

  14. Wow, once again I will express how I love hearing about your life! You know how to have fun! Too funny about you burning the crap out of your mouth-lol!

  15. Your quaker rr looks perfect in that frame. What a great find.

  16. Great find for your Quaker RR Edgar! It looks beautiful in that frame. Sounds like a wonderful weekend in the city. I'm sure it was quiet in SF...I could barely muster to face the masses after getting back from vacation! :)

  17. That frame is to die for! I love how your Quaker looks in it. Like they were made for each other. Have you ever thought of opening an etsy shop and selling your garage sale finds there? The stuff you find is fab!

  18. Wowwie wow wow Edgar! I knew with it being a 3 day weekend your post would be a doozie and you didn't disappoint! I LOVE the Quaker piece! What a great frame you found for it! I also like the teapot with the squirrel handle! And aren't those Jim Shore pieces great? The whole post was just terrific! Keep 'em comin'!

  19. A wonderful frame Edgar! Now you just need to find one to fit my QFRR! The shamrock detail is gorgeous.

  20. That frame is a GREAT find! And I really love the 'around town' pictures. I've never been to CA and it's really interesting to see regular sort of pictures of it, rather than postcard-type stuff.

  21. What fabulous photos - that food, especially the veg tempura and taffy, has almost made me dribble over the keyboard, and all those christmas and halloween photos.... waah, I want to be in SF!!!

  22. Oh my gosh, how perfect is that frame?? You must have been so psyched. Talk about luck! :)

    I love your weekend snaps. Jim Shore does Halloween stuff--who knew? I love it. Great pics!

  23. I just love all of your Photos that you took Edgar...wow....I just love to read your Blog on a Daily Basis...you have so much to share each time you write and you always have some goodies to share too.

    Thanks for sharing your Photos...I love them...

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  24. Dear Edgar,I loved your weekend blog again.I have been following for sometime your blog and I am amazed by your cross stitch work as well as your collectibles.Keep it up.Ariadne from Greece

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your weekend with us. I look for your posts on my reading list and yours never fail to delight me.
    The frame is wonderful - I even light the original photo - I'd love to find frames suitable for my stitching at thrift shops, but only find the modern blah ones.
    The colours in your photos are so vibrant - I love the shop display ones - what a lot of work someone has gone to to make those displays.
    I'm glad you had a great weekend.

  26. That is a very pretty frame that you found and the design looks very nice in it.

  27. Sounds like you had an awesome long weekend! The frame for your Quaker RR is great and yes, it goes so well with the piece.

  28. Wow, what a feast for the eyes and it sounds like such a lovely weekend! The frame for your Quaker piece is beautiful!

  29. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Great find on the frame!!!

  30. Sounds like you had a fabulous long weekend.

    Edgar, your QFRR is absolutely beautiful all framed up. I might have to think about getting mine framed soon, now I've seen yours looking so wonderful!

  31. sounds like you had a lovely weekend! The frame is just wonderful and I even love the picture it came with! So quaint and old! I always wonder about the families in photos like this.

  32. I love mince, too, but hadn't had it in 33 years, since becoming a vegetarian. Lo and behold, last holiday season I found mini vegetarian mince tarts. I think they were imported from the U.K.

  33. Wonderful photos of your day out! That frame is an awesome find for your Quaker RR. Good eye. Wish you were here for next weekend when they do their 2nd annual 100 mile yard and garage sale along Highway 166. The hubby and I will probably hit those we can find in a 30 mile radius, but I really don't see myself coaxing the ol' house hermit too far out of town. LOL

  34. Hi Edgar - I have only just recently found your blog and must say it is a most enjoyable read, from the beautiful stitching (I just purchased small quaker from Praiseworthy), the San Francisco wanderings and the magnificent photos - so fun! Your mentioning Alcatraz reminded me of my son who decided to leave college after his sophomore year (I could have killed him!) and move to the Haight Asbury section of your town for a year. He promised it was just for a year (he ran the copy machine at PG@E) and he kept his promise and returned to college. He took that tour to Alcatraz and really liked it. I did not visit San Francisco while he was there (heaven forbid your mother visiting!!!!)but seeing your photos and following your weekend excursions tells me I missed a beautiful city. Maybe sometime. I'll put it on my bucket list!

  35. What a great weekend! Better than I had. Ohhh, I love Jim Shore! Especially his Halloween stuff!
    Our sampler looks great! I love that frame!

  36. Hi Edgar, What a wonderful post. I love the displays. Makes me want to hurry and get out my Halloween village. I was in San Fran. last summer and it is an amazing place. Wish I'd known about the Christmas store. I am working on a P. schooler piece for a Halloween exchange for the yahoo group. I will post a picture when it's sent next month.
    Admirer of your blog. Keep up the great work(play!)

  37. What a great day! Thanks for the tour.
    Love that frame. It's better than anything that you could get at the frame shop!!!! Great find.

  38. That frame is perfect and your quaker piece looks amazing in it!! Great find. Love all the photos!!

  39. If my computer starts to malfunction it will be your fault! This entry had me drooling on the keyboard!! LOL!