Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday Stitching and a flick

Getting a late start this morning. Something is up with this computer and nothing, I mean nothing gets me going like a broken computer!!! It seems to be fine right now - let's hope it lasts!

Stitching last night was pretty abysmal as I only got a little bit done in the third part on the house. Here is a progress snap -

I am getting the white finished up and then it is only a few bits and on to the 4th part. This is stitching up really fast - but any enjoyable piece will be like that - When the piece is a drag every stitch is a labour of the needle. Thank goodness those projects a few and far between!! I saw that the next Loose Feathers chart is coming out "It's Berry Time" #37. You can see it at the BBD Blog. I will of course get the chart but wonder if I will ever stitch it up..... and I like the idea of the piece..... but I wonder??? What do you think?

The flicker last night was "Houdini" - 1953 - starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. This bio-pic is mostly a made up Hollywood story based here and there with some truth from Houdini's life. It is very glossy and a fun movie to see, but don't go looking for a real life story on film. Great sets and costumes and the story moves along briskly. Janet Leigh is really beautiful in this film.

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  1. The mystery sampler is coming along great! I love watching it grow! I agree about certain pieces being more like work to stitch. I like the new BBD but I doubt I get it for awhile.

  2. You've made good progress on the house, it looks great. I saw the new LF and was somewhat disappointed in the design although I have always been a real BBD fan. Maybe it was just the basic red color that threw me. CJ ok;-)

  3. Your BBD Mystery Sampler is looking great Edgar!

  4. Your sampler looks prettier with every photo. The roof of the house is really stunning!

    I'll check out the Houdini movie. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Loving that house--looks great with the blue diamond-set tiles! As for that BBD, I'm not liking the baskets; the "lazy eight" rims look wonky and out of place in the otherwise quaker sampler feel of the piece.

  6. Your mystery is moving along great. I can't wait to see yours all finished.

    I need to get the next BBD. But, as for stitching it. I still haven't even stitched all of last years!

  7. Beautiful progress Edgar.
    I think I like the new BBD design, but not for myself. Maybe it's the floss choice that's throwing me!

  8. Sampler is looking great and I love the new BBD berry design. I just might have to get that one :)

    I like this version of Houdini. I know that it's "mostly" fiction but it's very entertaining :)

  9. Your mystery sampler is really moving - I'm enjoying it's progress. I really like the grapes on the roof - I don't know if it is the colour that calls to me, the shape or the subject, but they really stand out to me.
    The BBD sampler does nothing for me - I've got one son that despairs every time I pick up a 'sampler' - he wants to see a picture appear instead.
    I saw a movie the other night, and even thought of reviewiong it like yourself on my blog - but I forgot. It ws two mules for sister sarah - an enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours.

  10. I always watched "Houdini" when it played on Saturday afternoon - one of my favorite older movies from my youngsterhood. :)

  11. Beautiful! Lovely wines and birds and the colous! Wow!

  12. Mystery Sampler is beautiful. I like the new Berry Design. I have a lot of BBD's that I want to stitch but so many choices. (sigh)
    I have been stitching up a storm since I got my sight back.
    Need to finish some larger designs.

  13. Your Mystery Sampler is just gorgeous already! I love the house!
    Not sure what to think of the new LF, of course I'll get it but not sure that it'll ever get stitched...unless one of the great stitchers out there puts their own spin on it and makes it irresistable of course, lol!
    Yes, Janet Leigh was beautiful in Houdini, but Tony Curtis was just lickably delicious!

  14. Wow! Is so beautiful!
    great progress Edgar!

    All the best for you
    Maria del Valle

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  16. This chart is great ! I am longing to find it !
    You're on the way to finish it in a very short time, I guess ...
    Have a good evening !