Monday, June 29, 2009

A pretty Long post with a Bunch of snaps

Where to start..... stitching this weekend was either more Christmas stitching or the finishing up of the large ABC SAL piece - and here is a snap -

This was a super SAL from Gazzette94 - It started back at the beginning of the year. Mine is stitched on 32 ct LL Vintage Barley using those buttery silks from Belle Soie - Plush Plum and Teddy Bear. The only change I made was in the initials at the bottom. I did that 1/1 so that I could include the year.

I also heard from Deborah over at Lavender Rose Ramblings that the 1st of the PIF's had arrived. Here is a snap of her package -

I used letter "D" from Alphabet Zoo to make a PynKeepe. It is stitched using HDF silk called Baneberry - one of my favorite colours. I am so glad Deborah enjoyed getting the package it was lots of fun making it up!!

On Friday evening we had Dale over for his Birthday dinner - his birthday was the week before but things kept us putting it off again and again - So it wasn't until Friday we could get him over - I made stuffed shells (he never would tell me what he wanted - such an easy guest to please) and here it is before the "cheesing" -

I also made some garlic bread and a big green salad - this was followed by a cake that Rico ordered form a work colleague of his - and here is a snap of that beauty -

Dale's favorite flower is the Sunflower - the cake itself was chocolate with a smooth chocolate butter cream filling - it was very good!!

On Saturday we ran around to a couple of sales and my haul was on the small side -

Here is $4 worth of goodies.... three vintage linen kitchen towels, a old measuring cup, one great old transferware platter in the "Oriental" pattern and a great old pair of gold plated embroidery scissors. Now you can't beat that with a stick!! We didn't get to as many sales as we normally do as Dale had to run down to San Jose to work.

I did get some shots of our "City Chickens" - Pidge and the pidgelettes -

Here are the Pidgelettes - Stan and Laurel - now we ever only saw one egg so I guess they are twins?? and here is big Pidge and her ever present stink eye....

Since the pidgelettes are getting so big she has been leaving the nest more frequently to forage I would guess.

And there you have it - another weekend in my life!! Hope everyone had a great one!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. I sent an email but wanted to make sure you know the patterns arrived and I am thrilled! Thank you so much!

    Love your haul! You get such great buys! Anything red for the kitchen or stoneware of any type is my passion!

  2. Love the colors you picked for the ABC SAL. Really gorgeous!

  3. Looks like a perfect weekend to me!

    Your ABC sampler is absolutely gorgeous! I only have this printed out. Your choice of threads is very attractive. And, it looks as though you cook as wonderfully as you stitch! Wonderful haul from the sales especially that oriental transfer platter. We didn't even have one this weekend.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Awww!!!!!! Mama & the babies are too cute.

    I love your ABC sampler, it's beautiful but the color names are the icing on the cake.

  5. Great finish and exchange piece you sent! I also have rec'd my PIF from you over the weekend and LOVE it! I have posted a pic on my blog as well. I love the extra goodies you sent as well. Thank you soooooo much!!!

  6. That is the first time I´ve seen baby pigeons... they aren´t the prettiest of birds are they - LOL :)
    The ABC sampler is stunning, and huge. I love the colours you´ve used.
    Always enjoy seeing your stitchy work and the treasures you´ve unearthed from weekend sales, but don´t always comment.

  7. Great Finish on your ABC SAL piece...the colors are fab! Birthday dinner and cake for Dale looks so yum! I absolutely love that cake. Probably a good thing I was nowhere near it! Sounds like a fun weekend. Thanks for sharing a pic of the baby pidges! :)

  8. Oh, Edgar, I just love your Monday posts! I pretend that I had the same weekend you did so that I won't feel like such a noodge for doing absolutely nothing!

    Your finish is lovely, Hubble!

    Pidge and the pidgettes...tee hee!

  9. Beautiful finish, congrats. The colors you chose look wonderful. The little pinkeep you stitched came out great too.
    CJ ok;-)

  10. Congratulations on the beautiful finish - it looks great! The pigeon pics are very cute!

  11. Congratulations on your most gorgeous ABC sampler!! and what a beautiful pinkeep!
    Your birthday dinner looks absolutely de-lish and I'm sure Dale loved every bite!
    Love your new haul...especially those vintage towels!!

  12. Wow, what a lovely sampler! Great finish. I love your colour choices.

  13. Golly, but the pidgelettes are UGLY! Gee! Pidge is pretty (if she'd close her stink-eye)!

    That silk floss on the pyn keepe is "so you"--or so I thought when I saw it. And, of course, you said it was a favorite!

    Those shells!!!! Yummm!! Is that spinach I spy?! (Or perhaps fresh herbs??) We readers are gonna start lobbying for your recipe! (I know my dear boyfriend would LOVE it!)

  14. I LOVE how your ABC SAL turned out. The colors are perfect.

  15. Your ABC SAL is gorgeous, I love the colors, they're so rich. Great finish!

  16. I've never seen a baby pigeon. How cool - thanks for sharing! Our cat has made short work of many of our nestlings. :(

  17. Congratulations Edgar, You made a wonderful sampler ! I am glad you enjoyed stitching it, it is the most important..
    I like the little pinkeep too, very cute..

  18. Your ABC sampler is just gorgeous! You do beautiful stitching. I enjoyed the pics of the pidges, my but aren't they ugly when they are little. :o)

  19. Congratulations on your finish. A lovely colour combination choice. I enjoy watching your stitching projects come alive. Thank you also for showing us your weekend buying spree...It's been a long time since I've found anything useful at a garage sale!

  20. What a great Monday post! Love both your SAL finish and your gifted pynkeepe. Your stuffed shells and cake look scrumptious. And why is it that when I go out looking for bargains, everything I pick up has double digit prices?!
    I'd watch my p's and q's around Ms Stink Eye!

  21. Beautiful ABC SAL!!! Love the colors!!!

  22. Congratulations on such a beautiful finish. The pigeon babies are very cute.

  23. All the stitching is lovely, but the pidgelettes, well not so much. To know they grow into such a sleek grey and blue bird must give them some hope though.

  24. Congrats on finishing your ABC SAL, it looks fantastic!

  25. Your stitching is just wonderful and the stuff shells and cake look yummy.

    Thank you for showing the picture of the baby pidgies. Last year I had this thing in my head that I wanted to see what a baby pidgeon looked like. I never have seen one but seen lots of adult ones. I did find out that a baby pidgeon is called a squab... although that still didn't tell me what it looked like. Now I know.

    Oh and I love the red dish you found as well. You find the best items at estate sales.

  26. Wow your finish is gorgeous and the colours fantastic!!!!!

  27. Your sampler is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you don't mind but I have written down that color combination and may use it someday. I love reading your blog and checking out your snaps. Thanks for brightening my day!!

  28. Oh Edgar...look at that beautiful ABC sampler...just gorgeous, stunningly gorgeous! LOVE IT!
    And Pidge and Pidgettes are doing well...I didn't realize that baby pidgeons were so UGLY :o( YIKES!
    I LOVE that transferware...I read a blog and she does a big transferware display with pitchers...and it is so gorgeous, I'm thinking of starting a new collection. My DH said he'll leave me on a corner somewhere if I do that :O) LOL!

  29. How great to see your ABC finished. I love your colors.

    Thank you for the warning about squab on a plate. Ew, not for me. I'd rather see them through your viewfinder.