Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A RAK, A Winner and A Gift Arrives

Good Morning Dear Friends - I am always amazed at the generosity of this community. Just read a handful of Blogs and you see over and over again how kind and giving this group is. A week or so ago a dear friend I made through the stitching Blog-o-sphere, Shay, sent an email about some Royal Memorabilia - and would I like them. Knowing my love of the Windsor-Mountbatten's I said yes of course, and yesterday a box arrived. Dear Shay sent all of these lovely things....

She included with the Royal Wedding Wedgwood plates a darling cream and sugar and a couple of pretty doilies. How wonderful are they!! I couldn't believe it as I was unwrapping them, Thank you so much Dear Shay!!!!

Moving on to the winner of "Let Live" - I popped all the names from the comments into a Randomnizer and out popped Sherry's name at the top of the list. I will get it in the mail in the next day or so. Thank you all for entering my little give away - and for the very kind things everyone had to say - I do appreciate them.

I saw on the SBBC that my partner got her Birthday Package - I was getting worried, but there was no need - everything arrived safe and sound. My partner was Pirjo in Finland. Here is a snap of everything I sent - a chart with buttons from her Wish list, some scissors, candy, bath salts and a California magnet and seeds-

and a closeup of the Pyn-Keepe I made -

This chart is from the Crown and Thistle Seasons - this is from the Spring Summer. I picked up both the Spring/Summer and the Fall/Winter set when they came out but had never had an opportunity to stitch any of them - I wanted to make something that had a Summery feel and a busy Bee skep and vine worked out really well. Happy Birthday Pirjo!!!

There where plenty of flicks over the weekend - Some of the highlights would be - "The Easiest Way" - 1931 - starring Constance Bennett, Adolph Menjou, Robert Montgomery and Anita Page. The film is a pre-code with the basic story line about a good girl who becomes less good for a lovely life and a ton of jewellery then gives it all up for love. A pretty good film with some silly dialogue and situations - but very watchable. Another early film - "Looking Forward" - 1933 - starring Lionel Barrymore - Made in the throws of the depression this story juxtaposes two families one very wealthy and the other a working class one and how they handle it as their lives fall apart in losing everything. Everything works out in the end as most movies do. An interesting side note is this is one of eight films that Barrymore appeared in 1933 - he was very busy!!! I had two Netflix Pic's - The first would be "The Eddy Duchin Story" - 1956 - starring Tyrone Power and Kim Novak - This Bio Pick is the story of the famous Band leader of the 30's and 40's and his life. As with most Bio Pic's it is very slick and Hollywood - but some very good music and Kim Novak is stunning on screen. The second film was a BBC production of "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" - 1996 - based on the 1848 novel of Ann Bronte's. The production is superior and I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys Jane Austin or the like. I had never seen this before and I was so glad I gave it a chance. It is a mini series on one disc broken into three parts - so you can watch it over a couple of evenings.

I have droned on long enough!!
Thank you for stopping by and for all the comments!!
Do come again.

Take care,


  1. Oh my! How exciting! Thank you so much Edgar! I just love La D Da designs so this will be a welcome addition to my stash!

    I just love your new goodies and I totally agree with you about the wonderful people out there! Your pin keep is adorable!

    Thank you again!

  2. What a gorgeous pyn keepe, Edgar! Love the colors!

  3. What a lovely exchange, Edgar! And congrats on the lovely gifted goodies you received.

  4. Gorgeous goodies from Shay!!! And you stitched a lovely bday PynKeepe too (love the green!)

  5. That was very nice of Shay to send you those pretties! Love your pinkeep and birthday exchange. Great stuff found it's way to Finland!

  6. What beautiful Royal items from Shay!
    As usual your exchange piece is gorgeous, as are all the goodies included. Great job. Also love the Mystery Sampler update. My computer seems to be lagging a bit in updating my blog-list

  7. What lovely lovely Royal keepsakes you received. How very thoughtful. They have gone to a home that will really appreciate them.
    Your birthday gifts were lovely and well thought out. Your pyn keepe is beautiful and the finishing perfect.

  8. Congratulations Sherry.
    What lovely ceramics Edgar - have you a place to display them?
    A beautifully stitched pinkeep and of course to cap it off, I always enjoy your movie reviews.

  9. Wow! I've always known that the stitching community is very generous and giving, but the beautiful items you sent and received are very cool. Edgar, how do you stitch so fast? It amazes me how much you can get done in so little time. =)

  10. Oh, well done, Shay! What an awesome gift!

    Edgar, your pyn keepe is really very pretty. I love the colors. And you couldn't be more right: there truly are a lot of really nice people out here in blogland.

  11. The pyn keepe and finishing is so pretty with those muted colors. Nice job!