Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A quickie posting

Thank you all for the nice comments. Only a crafting person would understand about the Ott light. I think the estate that was being broken up had someone that was a beading enthusiast. One of the back bedrooms was just jam packed with boxes of beads and beading paraphernalia. It was a total feeding frenzy in there with quite a few characters grabbing and snatching and going through that stuff. I can only thank Heaven above that my only crafting obsession is cross-stitching - gotta stay focused!

There were two things in the mail this morning but I have no camera with me - so you will have to wait to see what they are until tomorrow - I am just bouncing off the wall about them!!!!

Nothing much else - except that this evening we (those that had their balconies removed for repairs) are to have a meeting at 6pm with the building manager. We are now into month 5 without one. So if you hear a scream at about 6:15 PST it is just me having a melt down about the complete incompetence about this darn thing - and the glacial pace they have set to replace the one that they ripped off.

As we were leaving this morning we noticed an egg shell next to Pidge - our city chicken - so we have a new addition to the menagerie that is our lives. I will try and get a snap of baby Pidge.

Have a great one!!

Take care,

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  1. I'll just be leaving work at about 9:15pm EST, so I'll have my hand to my ear in the parking lot to listen for your scream. Yes, there are ceratin annoyances that deserve a scream heard 1,000 miles away!
    Great work on the Mystery Sampler. It's real beauty. What a thrill to find that Ott lamp at such a great price. I found some odd-ball dollhouse furniture kit for $5 at the flea market and was able to sell it on eBay for $78.95!! Never know what treasures are to be found out there.