Friday, November 14, 2008

Some stitching, a flick, Grey's Anatomy and commenting on comments

Lets end the week with a stitchy snap -
this is something I am working on for a Christmas present -

The picture really bites, but you get the idea. It is from PS Birds and Berries - cardinal. It is coming along nicely and I will try and have it done in the few days.

Last night there was a flick on TCM called "NANA" - 1934 - starring Anna Sten. It was a total flop when it was released but watching it last night I couldn't see the reason. The sets, costumes and cast all were excellent - if a bit dated - I thin that Sten was being groomed to become the next Dietrich or Garbo - although adequate Sten couldn't compare to those two powerhouse's for acting and moody delivery. Oh well you can't win every time - nice film - dumb sacrificial ending.

Before the film of course there was Grey's Anatomy - what is going on on that show???? I don't want to get started but are we seriously supposed to believe that Danny is back from the dead and hopping into bed with Izzy??? or that a hospital that is courting a new heart surgeon doesn't know every little thing about the visiting surgeon - I find that not only hard to believe but just a bit too far fetched for even TV. I am still watching but am coming to the end of what little patience I have..... did you see the scenes for next week - jeez!

I love reading the comments so thank you all for them - it does let me know that you a reading what I am am babbling about - now some responses......

Sabine - I know what you mean - being born in 1963 makes me even closer to the five-oh than you - we are sort of moving down State Road 40 looking for the exit for 50 - and have a way to go yet!! :)

Donnatn - Thats how I first met Martha was through the book - and excellent book btw - seeing the film really brought her and early 19th century Maine to life - check it out if you get the chance.

Jennifer - I hear you about Donatello - I tried for a good 10 mins to get a good snap of one of his sculptures and kept getting those Turtles every time. It is especially disheartening when you think about the magnificent Magdalene and David he did that changed art as we know it - that they wouldn't be the first things to pop up when you goggle the name.

Thank you all once again for sharing a few mins with me -
Have a great weekend!!

Take care,


  1. The red you are using in the PS design looks great... I hear you about Grey's I work on Thursday nights now, I gave up watching it after the second show aried. It is sad cause I really loved it the year beofre and REALLY loved it the year before that.

    It is alittle to crazy now. And I cant foloow all the crazt drama.
    Take Care

  2. I had to laugh because the big 5-0 is closer down the road than you realize! It's not bad, though!

    Loving your stitching!

  3. Ah, Grey's Anatomy. As my husband and I said during the last episode, "It's stupid, but it's still cute." But now? I listen to the official ABC podcast with the producers, so I know that they both love, love, love the actor that plays Danny. I'm sure they are sorry that they killed him off, but if they keep going like this they will have to put Izzy in a mental hospital. Does Katherine Hegl want off the show because she is making more money making movies? And the interns? Do they want to get rid of all of them? What they are doing now is a firing offense. And if they fire the interns, will they have to fire Yang, too? She is their supervisor. I can't believe Hahn is Gone gone. She meant to call in the authorities and I do believe she will. Which is not good for anyone else at the hospital. I don't think they have an elephant big enough to pull it out of this hat and still keep the series viable. Too bad.

  4. Hi Edgar!
    I found your blog a long time back thru Anna's (Stitch Bitch) and we seem to follow a lot of the same bloggers. I love your work- you're such a fast stitcher! - and your movie reviews- I find myself opting for "oldy-but-goody" films lately when nothing else is on- the acting was so much better than today, don't you think? Anyway, our friend Anna tagged me for Six Random Things About You, so I'm tagging you in turn! I hope you don't mind! have a great weekend.

  5. Hello Edgar,

    I love reading your blog! I too cross stitch, but while there are
    a gazillion lovely stitching blogs out there, with yours there is also the delightful sense that perhaps you are a fellow TCM junkie. Often I will see in your blog your comments regarding the same movies I have just watched, and I love that! (I wonder if there is anything good on this weekend.)
    Oh, also the PS birds and berries - it took me forever to win this on ebay, and I haven't stitched it yet,
    but you are making it look like a great stitch! Have a great weekend.

  6. Another PS that falls into the "Oldy But Goodie" category usually reserved for movies. I saw "This Is The Army" w/ a young Ronald Reagan the other night. The hi-light for me was Ethel Merman's rendition of 'God Bless America'. Of course the superb fashions ran a close second.

  7. I can't figure out Grey's Anatomy either. Is Izzy going loony or dead ?? Well I guess that would be another show. Love the start of your PS.

  8. Thanks for acknowledging my comment. I don't often comment, but now I feel special!

  9. I feel like you do about Grey's Anatomy. The interns cutting themselves, Izzie seeing a ghost and touching and everything else. Didn't he die 2 seasons ago? so why is she seeing him now?

  10. Hi Edgar,
    I assure you the big 5 0 isn't so bad. Especially for those for whom that day is in the past!!! I know this from experience since if you rverse the digits of your age you get my age :-)
    As usual love the energy of your blog - that red cardinal looks good and I'm looking forward to seeing his head.