Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An ornament, a bird and 6 things about me

I heard from Joke that the ornament that I made for her for the HOE Exchange had arrived. That mail sure got over there quick - here is a snap of the exchange package I sent -

It is one of the PS Santa's from Old World Santa's I - Book 80 - I think I am officially some sort of PS Nut!! Stitched on 32 ct linen using the recommended DMC Floss.... I also included some Christmas themed extras.

The stitching I accomplished last night was more on the Cardinal I am working on - here is a snap of the how he stands now -

I should have him finished in the next day or two - then it will be on to the next exchange. Speaking of exchanges I also worked on the finishing up of two I stitcvhed over the past week - they'll be ready to send next week.

Xeyedmary tagged me for six random things about myself..... I think I have done this before but lets have a go at it again.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Link to the person who tagged you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. Write six random things about yourself.
  4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
  5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.
The random things about myself - if there are any you already don't know -

1. I really like seafood - all kinds from sushi to plain old fried shrimp - however I do not like any kind of fried fish - go figure.
2. I really like to Iron - and do the laundry - always have.
3. I can't go to sleep with any dirty dishes in the sink - that sucker better be empty.
4. I collect royal memorabilia - specifically handled cups and mugs
5. I like raisins cooked in something - be it bread or cookies but do not like them just out of the box.
6. I could care less if the car ever got washed again - it rains occasionally and that's enough for me!!!

So there you go - more weird things about me that you probably didn't even think a sane person would care about!!! I am not going to tag anyone else as this has been around quite a few times but if you would like to post six things - please feel free and then link back here.

Have a great one - thanks for stopping by -
Take care,

ps - Ja'niece - I totally saw them yesterday and ordered them right away!!!
Thanks for the heads up!!!


  1. Both your PS Santas are gorgeous and your Cardinal is stunning - I look forward to seeing how you finish him.

    Mmmn you LIKE laundry - just wait til you get here!

  2. The PS Santa is wonderful. But I really love that cardinal. Who is this design by?
    As for the laundry.... Can I send you mine? :) Oh, and the car washing? I totally agree woth you. :)

  3. Your Santa is fabulous as is the Cardinal. Can I join you as another official PS nut? I just love their designs especially the Santa's and have just started stitching the 1994 Santa today, couldn't help myself. Sadly, I'm finding that many of the PS designs that I see on blogs and that I'd like to stitch are usually oop.

  4. I love the red bird .. Beautiful!

  5. Edgar,
    I cant seem to find your email but quick question. Is it to late to sign up for the Birthday club??


  6. The Santas are gorgeous, and one is mine now! I loved the package, Edgar, thanks again :)

  7. The Santas are wonderful and the Cardinal is just lovely! Thank you for your nice words about my aunt!

  8. I'd like to invite you to sleep over my house. Wait until the new counters are in because we're eating out this week. We are the worst dishwashers ever.

    Love the cardinal!

  9. Nut is a strong word....let's just say you focus a little bit on PS. As for raisins I'm the opposite - I like them out of the box but NEVER cooked, yuck. Love the cardinal!

  10. I don't like birds and I'm not fond of primitives, but that is one GORGEOUS cardinal. It has a modern look to me.

    I don't wash my car much either. A careless driver ran into me a year ago and knocked off a piece of plastic trim. I'm afraid those automatic car washes will tear up more of the trim, so I just wipe her off once in a while. I don't have the time to spend a day sitting and waiting for her to get fixed (we only have one car here).

  11. I have the opposite attitude towards raisins--can't stand them in baked goods, but I like them straight out of the box.

  12. G'day Edgar, I thought of you when I saw this lovely sampler....

    The part that scared me was the number of stitches! lol

    Western Australia

  13. Another great PS Santa finish.

    Love that Cardinal, the colours are beautiful.

  14. Your welcome Edgar! ;-)
    I just love being an enabler {grin}


  15. Edgar your comment about laundry made me laugh! I have a house full of kids and just spent 2 days doing laundry before I struck floor! The mountain is growing again~can I fly you to Chicago before it grows any bigger? hehe! Love your cardinal-is that a PS design too?

  16. Hi Edgar! I usually just read your blog without commenting but I wanted to tell you I love the two Santas that you recently finished.