Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An exchange arrives, some major PS Stash and 2 flicks

I got some great mail yesterday - I was in the harvest Exchange on the SBEBB and my partner was Leena. She also stitched for me in the Fall House exchange and made a lovely tea tin cosy. I was once again the recipient of her super stitching and received this really sweet piece -

I really love pumpkins and they are a symbol of the fall harvest. Leena finished it off with a dried thistle pod. Thank you so much Leena once again for such a lovely treat!!

I also had received a package I had totally forgotten about. A while back I won on eBay a "lot" of PS Charts. It included a bunch of low numbered books, including numbers 1 & 2, that where out of print and that I didn't have. The lot also included quite a few early PS Santa cards that I didn't have (and some I did). First off I was stunned I won this pile and the relatively low price I paid, but whatever.... so it arrived and I am just bouncing off the wall!!! Here is a snap -

Some do have little notes or the occasional bookplate from the original owner but they are all in really super condition. This really fills out the list of charts I was looking for and chasing down one at a time. With so many of these charts hitting the OOP list I am having to get them on the secondary market which is quite an adventure in hunting!! I have found that the Autumnal and Christmas charts are the hardest to get - so if you got 'em hang on to them!!! I did want to answer a question from yesterday's comments - the Cardinal I am working on is a Prairie Schooler chart called "Birds and Berries" and is OOP and a hard one to find - or it was for me - but the Book has four bird designs and I think they are really sweet! Flipping around the blogs lately I have seen lots of PS being stitched - I wonder why that is??? I often wonder about the popularity of designers - every now and again there seems to be a designer that lots of stitchers are stitching and then it shifts to another designer and they are the flavor of the month - I wonder why????? Oh well - too much to think about on a Wednesday.......

I worked on finishing up two exchanges -
getting them ready for mailing tomorrow so no stitchy snaps.

The movies last night were - "Handful of Dust" - 1988 - what an odd empty movie - the book is supposed to be really good but this film translation was a bit long on "not much going on" with a bazaar ending. It is basically a study in lives of artifice and emptiness. Lovely production and the acting is superb - but a bit dull - I really liked Anjelica Huston in this as always superb!! This was followed up with "Top Hat" - 1935 - The evening ended on an up note - cha-ching!!!! Who can beat a super duper Astaire and Rogers flick!!! Along with all the fake scenery and back lot filming - so thirties and such a winner!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and all the really nice comments
- they mean a lot!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Pretty exchange piece!
    Wow Edgar! You really hit the PS chart jackpot!! Congrats:) Those will come in sooo handy for the Year Long Prairie Schooler Exchange!

  2. Edgar, I'm green with envy at your PS stash, enjoy it! I look forward to seeing it all stitched up soon. I think I like PS designs for their simplicity and ease of stitiching. They are also andifferent style of design to what you get here in the U.K.

  3. Congrats on the fabulous e-bay win. Wow, what a super jackpot! And thanks for letting me know who the designer is one the cardinal. PS. I should have guessed. LOL

  4. Oooooh, you got Book No. 50, I've been looking all over for that one! Lucky you! How did you find all those on Ebay anyway? I'm not very good at Ebay.

  5. got Prairie Seasons in that?! Oh got a bunch of wonderful ones there....
    Good going you!

  6. You lucky duck! I need to check out Ebay again to get myself ready for PS All Year Long! Wahoo! I'm gonna get my HFFRR in the mail to you. I had put it in the drawer and kind of forgotten about it!

  7. Nice pumpkin ! Great PS stash.

  8. I've been a Prairie Schooler collector since they began publishing, and I'm in total awe of your fantastic Ebay buy. Way to go!

    I think you're seeing a lot of PS designs on blogs now (mine included) because their fall patterns are hard to beat!

    As for why stitchers all seem to stitch the same designer at the same time, I think it can be blamed on the enabling factor that goes along with blog reading. I get my best inspiration from my fellow stitching bloggers!

  9. Wow! That is alot of PS stash! Lucky you!

  10. How wonderful a stash is that! I have to admit I recently fell in love all over again with PS Charts and that's probably attributable to what you said about seeing so many of them stitched up on the blogs.

    The pinkeep from Leena is lovely! She is so creative with her finishes.

  11. Woah, you hit the Mother Load of PS charts. I've been collecting since college days (early 80's). I used to be able to pick up the latest charts at the local Michael's store. Now they're hard to come by. I sold a few OOPs a few years ago on eBay and "Garden Samplers" went for over $35! I kept copies for myself, but I really regret selling them now. I needed the extra cash at the time so.....that's the way life goes.

  12. Wow Edgar, I'm so jealous, lol ;) No, really...congrats on all those awesome PS charts!

  13. PS is one of my favourite designers - what a great treasure haul of charts you won!!! Getting a hold of some of the OOP charts is a nightmare and it looks like you got some great ones!

  14. Lovely exchange Edgar!
    WOWWW :) :)..and a very nice lot of charts!!

    Maria del Valle

  15. Wow, YOu were lucky in getting all those PS charts. I am just getting back into cross stitch. You don't have any duplicates you could part with do you?