Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas ornaments....

I heard from Carolyn that the ornament that I stitched up for her had arrived - she was the November recipient In our Ornament exchange - Here is a snap of the piece that I sent -

He is from the PS "Old World Santa" book - I just love those Santa's from Book I and II.

On the stitching front I worked up and finished the stitching on a couple of exchanges now it is the actual finishing that I need to get to and get them out by the end of the week - as next week I not only have jury duty but it is a short week with Thanksgiving and everything. Other stitching this weekend - I also started on a Quaker ornament for myself yesterday as part of the SAL on the Quaker Inspired Blog. Here is a snap of that progress -

I shifted the floss from a very pale pastel palette to a more Christmas one - using HDF silks. It is working up really fast and I will probably have this one done and on to another before Christmas.

I want to mention one of the flicks I saw this weekend - "Anchors Away" - 1945 - starring Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Kathryn Grayson. What a super movie and at 2 1/2 hours you really never notice how long it is. Of course it is an MGM over the top, highly impractical, hard to believe the plot kind of musical - but there is a ton of singing and dancing and even Jerry the mouse from Tom and Jerry gets to dance with Gene Kelly. If you have a chunk of time - sit down a watch "Anchors Away."

I was tagged last week for 6 things about me - but so far only have 4... I will think of 2 more and post them all tomorrow - I am really pretty boring!!

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  1. That's such a lovely ornament Edgar! But oh dear, I think you are going to be responsible for yet another PS ornament chart being added to my wish list. (LOL) Love the colours of fabric and threads you are using for your Quaker SAL.

  2. I love those Santas too. And that movie! :)

  3. "Anchors Aweigh" is one of my favorites. Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra dancing and singing...what more can I ask for? :-)

    Through reading different Kelly and Sinatra bios, I've picked up a lot of "didja know?" kind of trivia about the filming of "Anchors Aweigh"...some of it quite amusing!

  4. Love that santa (and all the PS Santas). Your recent Prairie Schooler extravaganza has inspired me to pick up my needle again. I'm a bit slow getting back on track, but a little snow this morning has eased my grumpy mood.

  5. Edgar,

    Your ornament for Carolyn is perfect. I'm sure that she's thrilled with it. Your quaker piece looks very festive. I like the colors that you're using.

  6. Your ornie looks great! PS never can go wrong! I haven't seen that flick. I'll have to look for it!

  7. I love your Ornament for Carolyn Edgar...very nicely done as always!!! And your quaker in the Christmas palette is GORGEOUS!

  8. Hey Edgar –

    I’ve got a couple of pictures to tease you with…
    Quaker Seasons Purse l & 2 by R & R Reproductions

    Purse 1

    Purse 2

  9. I love the Santa ornament! And the Quaker is looking lovely!