Friday, October 31, 2008

Stitching, Stashing and a couple of movies...

Let us start of the last post of the week with a stitchy snapper -

This is the only stitching I can show as most of my energies have been working on exchange stitching - but the VoHRH square 8 is finished and I have started on square 9..... I had hoped to finish this before the end of the year but I don't think at this point with my other commitments that it is possible... I really liked stitching on the Grist Mill and this square 9 is mostly words so it should work up pretty quick. I have the next three exchanges stitched up but not finished so I think this weekend will be some heavy duty finishing action.

The stash acquisitions I got in Vancouver came from knitting store. This store is one my sister loves and goes to frequently for supplies and for knitting evenings and is called Stitchcraft. It is a really lovely store owned and run by Nicolette. She specializes in organic supplies
- here is a snap of the fabric and tape I got last Saturday -

The other stash came in the mail yesterday - a partial order from 123 Stitch -

These two lovely Quakery charts are new to me and of course I had to have them. The "Simply Live" chart is so nice I might just have to start that up soon..... I have most of the floss and what I don't have I can switch around.....

Now on to the flickers.....I have seen about 20 or so movies since I last yapped about them - but I won't drag on about all that- I will mention two that I really enjoyed. The first is a Halloween movie called "Monster House" 2006 - an animated feature film that was very good and little intense I would think for really little children - but a good story and well done!! The second is a film that I had not heard of but read about so I got it through my Netflix account - "Vatel" - 2000 - What a spectacularly gorgeous film - starring Gerard Depardieu and Uma Thurman - The film is set in 1671 over a three day visit of Louis XIV and court to the Prince and Princess de Conde at their chateau in Chantilly on the eve of the war with Holland. Although the are some real historical problems with the film.....the story is based in truth and the film production is really a wonder - I would highly recommend this film as a small window into the intrigues of Love and Politics at the court of the Sun King.

There you go - Have a great All Hallows Eve and Jour de Mort!!!!!

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  1. VoHRH is looking wonderful!

    I love your chart stash - I'm stitching Simply Live at the minute and really enjoying it. The Praiseworthy Stitches one is on my wishlist and is a must-have for me at some point. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. I missed your blog yesterday- unusual for me - but your pics of SF reminded of this little poem. Hope you like it. It's called 'Fog' by Carl Sandburg.
    The fog comes on little cat feet.
    It sits looking over the harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on.
    Pretty apt eh?

  3. Oh, you've finished another block! Congratualtions. You got about as far with Block 9 as I have, but I have a strong suspicion that you might finish yours before I finish mine :o)
    Great stash.
    I loved Vatel too!

  4. Love the fabrics. I have been craving a trip to the local quilt shop (only local 'needlework' of any sort shop left within 50 miles), but the economic down-turn is really taking a toll. The 60's looking pumpkin print is my fave! It would look great as a backing for one of Barbara Ana's wacky designs. Have a great weekend!

  5. I have seen your stitching on other blogs and long admired it. I'm glad I finally found my way to your blog. You do wonderful work!

    Being a movie fan I always like to hear what other people that seem to enjoy movies have to say. I will have to try and find the "Vatel" movie. Sounds very interesting. Have long admired Gerard D.