Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Bucket of goodies arrives.....

Yesterday my cup runneth over - so to speak - as the mailman had one of those square plastic buckets loaded down with stuff for ME - just for Me and all for ME - ME, ME, ME - just a tad bit self centered there!!! - but anywho - where to begin - I was the recipient of many packages starting off with some stash from 123 Stitch some charts and from Drema at Needlecraft Corner - the rest of my silk for SoHRH. There where also numerous packages of lovely stitchy pieces - the first up will be the wonderful piece that Donna made for my 3rd MAW - here is a snap -

My MAW was for a mattress pin cushion with a Christmas theme - well you can't get more Christmasy than St Nick - and this PS Santa is just perfect (as I am nut for PS)
The finish is so perfect I just love him!!! Thank you so much Donna!!!

I am the lucky recipient for the Ornament exchange this month and
I had two arrive on one day - the first is from Carol - here's a snap -

She stitched up a very traditional sampler inspired piece that is just lovely
and will go so well on the tree!!

I also received an ornament from Vonna - here is a snap -

What is so great about this ornament is that I almost stitched it up a couple of weeks ago - as I totally fell in love with it the min I saw it in the new JCS Mag. Like so many things I just put it aside to do later and slam bam Vonna stitched it for me!!! She knows what I'm thinking.... I just know it!!!! Even when Rico saw it last night he asked when I had the time to make it up and finish it as I had told him about it a while back!!!
I think these wonderful ladies just know me too well!!!!!!
Thank you both so much for the wonderful ornaments!!!!

I also received the Halloween exchange from HOE - my partner was Shay (no blog) and boy was it a wonderful exchange - as she really outdid herself !!!!!! here is a snap of the entire exchange -

It was just a cornucopia of goodies and wonderfulness!!!! As you can see she included ribbons, and clips and Halloween sprinkles, a message pad, some super cute scissors, a gorgeous piece of linen, a box to hold stuff, the beautiful "Quakers and Quilt" chart from Rosewood Manor - I just love this design!! - AND the exchange piece - a beautifully finished floss holder - here is a snap -

Could this be any nicer???? Just a perfectly finished piece WITH a Quaker kitty!! I have seen these around on the blogs and wanted one and wanted to make one but like so many things I was to afraid to try - but seeing this lovely I might just give it a try!! The kitty is so sweet done 1/1. It was a wonderful exchange and I was truly spoiled -
Thank you so much Shay!!!!! You did a super job!!!!!!!!

I got a little stitching on VoHRH - finished up square 7 and moved on to square 8
- here is a snap -

I do not care for the white lillies and will probably change them out for some other colour... I am just too lazy to do it right now. It is a totally wonky snap but you get the idea.

Just another thank you to everyone!!!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my yapping!!!
I love all the comments and I do appreciate them!!!

Take care,


  1. What a fantastic mail day for you!! Wow- what a haul :-) And VOHRH looks fantastic too!

  2. My goodness Edgar...what a stellar day!
    Donna's mattress pincushion is just adorable! I've been wondering about doing it with material on the sides and there ya go....Donna did it! Gorgeous :o)
    Carol's ornament is a beauty and those beads around the edge look fantastic. I love, love, love Shay's Halloween floss keeper...my goodness GORGEOUSLY done!!!!
    So happy that you like the wee little stocking...it is so sweet and primitive...just up our alley, huh?!

  3. WOW Edgar!!! It's like you won the stitchy lottery, lol :)

    Carol and Vonna's ornaments are absolutely lovely and both are perfect for you! And Donna made you a gorgeous and festive mattress pincushion.

    But I think Shay's threadholder steals the show~~love the orange and black, and the kitty, and the flawless finishing!!!

  4. Wow! You really racked up on goodies! Lucky you!

  5. wow....very nice haul there Edgar!hahaha! I LOVE santa! (PS is my favorite!)
    Happy Stitching!

  6. What a wonderful mail day. A whole white bin to yourself. How cool :)

    I really want to stitch that littel stocking for myself this year also. It is SO darling. Vonna did a great job with it.

  7. Wow, that must have been like Christmas in October! Lovely exchanges.

  8. Lucky you! I bet the mail man wondered what was so special. Thrilled for you to have such a happy day and those gorgeous pressies. Just love that JCS ornament - must do one for me.

  9. Holy moly, that was quite a mail day. I'm not going to name and praise all of your gifts individually, because frankly, adjectives fail me. It's all just gorgeous!

  10. Oh wow - who has been really spoiled then? Lovely gifts Edgar - enjoy.

  11. Edgar,

    You must have about fainted when you saw all those packages in the mail for you. Everything is first rate! Enjoy it all.

  12. They are all lovely ! I especially like the Quaker kitty with your initial.

  13. No matter how much I do truly love PS designs, I am just blown away by the orange and black Quaker Cat.....I love it!

  14. Edgar, what a lovely group of goodies. I love the stocking ornament Vonna stitched also. When I leafed thru the JCS magazine, that was my favorite.

    Also, the floss holder is so neat. I love the look of that finish. Such talented stitchers...and finishers.

    VOHRH is coming along. I finished mine a few months back, not framed as yet tho. Still waiting for hubby to find his saw....ha!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday, Edgar! What fantastic gifties you have been receiving of late! They are all so pretty - you are lucky man!

  16. Looks like is a very,very good mail day for you. Everything so beautiful.

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Edgar! What a fantastic mail day!