Tuesday, October 14, 2008

B-day Gift arrives and the Mill Grinds on....

I had a great email from Rowyn that the Gift-a-way arrived.
Here is a snap of the piece I made and sent -

The chart was freebie I have wanted stitch up for a long time - I used a 32 ct linen I had - WDW Sage and CC Cupid for the floss' - I really like how it turned out and since I am a nut for Quaker and Pyn Keepes - how could I go wrong!! I am am so glad the Rowyn likes it!!

Thank you all for the help in identifying the flowers we got over the weekend. I am not very bright about the flora of the world. My mom is the gardner and can identify any plant any where anytime with both common and Latin names and then give a 10 min dissertation on cultivation and upkeep - I guess I just tuned that stuff out after years of information overload and it just did not sink in. Oh well - we can't know everything now can we!!!

Last night was VoHRH stitchy evening - and the walls are rising in the front - here is a snap

I had to stitch over a schlub thingie in the linen I couldn't pull it out with out the fabric getting all weird - I hope that when I fill in the door that it wont be so noticeable
- nothing to do at this point but hope for the best.

Last night the movie was "The Young Lions" - 1958 - staring in the the three lead rolls - Montgomery Clift, Dean Martin and Marlon Brando -a WWII movie with an interesting take on three very different views of war and the horrors that consume and change everything. A very long movie but very good. Over the weekend one of the movies I saw was "Between Heaven and Hell" - 1956 starring Robert Wagner, Broderick Crawford and Buddy Epson. Proving that there was way more ability there in Epson than just the Hillbilly we know from TV - Another good WWII movie about how war is change - both for the soldier fighting and the world they knew.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care -


  1. I love the Quaker pyn keepe you made for Rowyn - such great stitching and finishing. I've not seen this pattern before - freebie from where?

  2. What a great pynkeepe - great choice of colors and a beautiful finish!! If it was a freebie, would you tell me who the designer is? I would love to stitch this one right up, but I can't remember if I have it or not. Thanks, Edgar. . .brdstitcher at gmail dot com

  3. Hi Edgar,

    I see others are interested to know where the freebie came from, and I'm no exception. You did a wonderful job and the colours are gorgeous. Lucky Rowyn!

  4. That is a beautiful pinkeep you stitched for Rowyn - I would like to know where the freebie is located too. Thanks!

  5. Another one who would love to know which freebie it is. I love the colours you chose, the little splash of red is a great touch!

  6. Gorgeous pin keep, and VoHRH is progressing nicely!

  7. Fantastic colors, and I love the red bird and heart!!

  8. Add me to the list of stitchers wanting to know the name and designer of that freebie. You did a beautiful job on it.

  9. Stunning pyn keepe! I LOVE the colors you've used. The pattern looks familiar to me...is it by Gazette? Ok, just add me to all the other inquiring minds :)

  10. Edgar, that pin keep turned out gorgeous! I love it. And a freebie?? Great job!

  11. The pin keep is beautiful. Lucky girl whose name was drawn,

  12. Oooh, this is such a pretty square of the Village. The colours are gorgeous.
    Love your gift for Rowyn. Boy, is she a lucky girl :o)

  13. Just lovely!
    And you are right, we can't know everything. Gone are the days of Leonardo Da Vinci whom is supposed to know all there was to know in the 15th century.
    My father was the family plant man. He knew everything. I am the one that unfortunately kill all the plants :-) (either too much water or not enough!!)
    What a great war movie! With three of the best!
    Best regards

  14. Rowyn is one lucky girl Edgar! I saw this on her blog and was astounded once again by your stitching prowress! WAY TO GO!!!

    And I can't see a thing wrong with your "schlub" :)))

  15. I love the colors for the pynkeepe; so pretty!

  16. I just happened on your blog during a search for quaker, etc. I LOVE THIS PYN KEEP. Where is the freebie from? Very beautiful stitching and great colors!!