Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some shopping but no pictures

We went shopping last night, what a mad house. We left right after I got home from work and it was still pretty packed and crazy with all the people. That just got worse the longer we were at the mall. I did quite a bit of stitching after we got home but there are no snaps as it is an exchange piece and I am not sure they don't check in here occasionally.

Thank you all so much for the kind things about my Grannies stuff. I really do enjoy getting them out every year. It brings back such super memories. This is the time of year that we draw close to family and friends and remember the past while looking toward the future. I think it is imperative that the same rituals be followed be they hanging stockings, eating candied peel or just the same old Syllabub served on Christmas Eve, something that my Southern family has done since my 81 year old Mom was a girl and had Christmas yearly with her Grandmother in Tarboro NC. We all crave the same old thing and repeat the cozy and comfortable.
That to me is Christmas.

There ya go - my Christmas - liquor and fruit - who could ask for anything more!!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


  1. Mmmmmm, candied orange peel! Or do you eat candied grapefruit? I have to admit that I buy mine at Whole Foods, but one day I will try to make some. Our southern traditions are cheese straws, country ham (ONLY a Kentucky ham) and biscuits, and the See's candy we bring. I also love the local olive and pecan spread. Yes, Christmas is about family and FOOD.

  2. Edgar i received your package the other day and cant believe you sent me all that wonderful stuff!! Thank-you soooo much. That was just so kind of you. It was the nicest surprise. What a lovely kind friend you are :)

  3. don't you love Christmas traditions! family and games and caroles and of course brandied eggnog :)

  4. I LOVE candied peel! Especially when it's covered in good dark chocolate. :-)

  5. I checked out Syllabub. I am not southern and had never heard of it. The historic recipe sounds quite complicated and wonderful, and modern recipes sound easier to do. So now I learned something new today. Thank you.