Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BBC assignments and a Christmas Party

I have not disappeared, but have been checking and re-checking the list of participants in the BBC making sure that I haven't left anyone off. Signing up closed on Friday until next year for the BBC and the list grew to 61 people!! WOOHOO!!! That is way more people than I thought would want to be in the group. I am so very happy with the huge turn out!!!!!! I worked on drawing names and here is a snap of the mechanism that I used.

I call it the "Bowl of Destiny".......

I will be sending out e-mails today and tomorrow so they are on the way!!!

Over the weekend we went to one of the annual Christmas parties that I always enjoy going to and always go (as you know I am a homebody and really do not care to go out into society, but for this party I make the exception)....it is an annual Christmas Party that is given by Chris and Mo. The spectacular-spectacular at their party is always a tree lit with candles. Now, I have known Chris for about15 years, all the way back to Ocala Florida, before we both ended up out here in San Francisco. He has always had giant trees lit with candles and it truly is a magnificent tradition that I wait for every year. Here are some snaps that in no way do this spectacle justice.

Here is a close up

In their front stair hall was the coolest decoration. They had suspended a huge branch from the ceiling and hung lights an glass icicles from it. Here is a snap

Chris gets these candles from somewhere in Germany. They are special low burning candles made to go on a tree. If you have never seen a tree lit by candles it is truly something to behold!!!

That's about it ..... on the stitching front nothing that I can show right now as it is all for exchanges and presents.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing Christmas undertaking, candles on such a massive tree - it's stunning! I love the lighted branch decoration as well - isn't Christmas so much fun :)

    Bring on the Bowl of Destiny :)

  2. I bet that tree is really something to see in person. I've never seen one lit up with candles - I imagine it has to be a nervewracking task to get them in place and all lit up. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. What a gorgeous tree. Is there a trick to getting the candles upright?

    Thank you for all the hard work you're putting into the BBC!

  4. Edgar Hi, I wanted to ask whether you think it is possible for all participants place a visible list of desires and what they do not like

  5. The Bowl of Destiny - I love it! LOL!

  6. OH WOW! That tree and the hanging tree limb...is GORGEOUS! Wow!!!

  7. Stupendous! I didn't know there were special candles for Christmas trees and that anyone still used them. Oh my, I bet you just sit and drink in the sight, Edgar!

    I do so wish I could have signed up for the birthday exchange, but just don't dare yet. Too many other obligations. But can't wait for the time when I can! :D

  8. The tree is stunning! Thank you for taking care of the BBC, it should be a fun year!