Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Exchange stitching and a fire

I worked on exchanges last night for a little bit. We had some friends over for Christmas dinner and a present exchange so there really wasn't much time for much else.

But, yesterday here at work there was a devastating fire just a couple of doors down Mission street. I get in here at about 6:15/6:30 am...I like to start early and nobody else gets in until about 9 so I have lots of quiet time to do what needs to get done without interruption. Well, when I got in I noticed a fire truck down the street putting out a fire and did not think much about it as that happens all the time south of market.

At 9:30 when I was walking back from the post office I could see numerous fire trucks, hook and ladders and firemen pouring water onto and the same building. I could even see huge flames pouring out of where the roof should have been. At 12 pm I walked out to go to this time Mission street had been blocked off at 8th and 7th streets and not only where they still pouring water into the building by also foam. I went to my usual Pizza place on the corner of 7th and mission after cutting across the street. I ate my little piece of sausage, peperoni and mushroom pizza slice, it was the special of the day. I usually sit there and read until 1:00 pm but yesterday I just couldn't stand the smoke pouring down the street which in turn was seeping into the Pizza Place. I then tried to walk back to work and the police would not let anyone pass back up Mission so I had to walk up to Market street down to 8th and then back to Mission to get back to work.

This morning Mission Street is still blocked off and there is still and fire truck with extended ladder at the building with firemen walking around.
Here are some snaps from about 12:45 pm yesterday.

This is looking east towards 7th street, you can see all the trucks and the smoke.

You can see the smoke pouring out of the now roofless building.

This is not as dramatic as it was but smoke and flames where just puring out of these windows.

This is looking east down Mission showing the sidewalk that I take everyday that is impassable due to the mountain of foam and waves of water just cascading out of the building.

I was asked by Juliane to post of snap of Serenity package and found it last night, so here you go Juliane....

Sorry it is so dark.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Wow, that's just scary isn't of my greatest fears.
    Your pizza sounds delicious though :)

  2. That's pretty close to where our loft is -- 5th between Howard and Folsom. I'm glad it wasn't any closer. Though we have experienced a fire next door. When we were just married and living in Evanston, Illinois, a car dealership next to our apartment burned down. The firemen tried to keep us away, but my husband pointed out that that was our car parked in front of the not yet engulfed building. They let him get over there and move it. The oddest thing was watching the large plastic sign on a tall pole out front melting from the heat. We evacuated from our building, but suffered no damage. It's amazing that a building can burn and the firemen can save all the buildings around it. Hurray for firemen!

  3. Thanks, Edgar, I ordered Serenity today!

  4. Serenity is a stunning design!

    That fire sounded scary!


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