Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SBBC e-mails sent & some Granny decorations

Well, all of the e-mails for the SBBC are out there, that took a little longer than I thought, but is well worth it!! I am so happy that everyone has been so encouraging with my working the club. I wasn't sure if I could do it, but ya know once I put my mind to it....just buckling down and get-r-done attitude prevails and I seem to be pulling this sucker off!!!
I was kind of intimidated sort of like the way that borniscu thing intimidates me!! In fact we went over to Needle in a Haystack yesterday after work and got some stuff, but Mary, sweet Mary showed me this pattern by Just Nan of a Christmas Borniscu and isn't it just the prettiest thing. I was verily tempted but stopped myself before I succumbed to temptation. I will probably go back after Christmas and get that sucker!!!! It is calling my name....... I can hear it...... :) off on a tangent...surprise!

I did take some snaps of my Grannies old Christmas things and here is the Noel banner.

This is about6 feet long and made of felt pieces. She, my Granny, saw a banner like this in Rich's Department Store in Atlanta and copied it from that. She actually made two of them my sister has the other one that Granny gave to my Mom. This has been around as long as I have so it dates back to the late 50's early 60's. Here is a picture of the tree skit that she made.

The base is some sort of red cotton and all the green is a kind of mottled felt. All the decoration is hand applied bugle beads, real pearls (she broke up a necklace she did not want anymore) and sequins. The edge is bound in a machine made lace stuff that is starting to show its age. This would have been made in the mid 50's and was from no pattern but from just cutting and doing. There is only one of these and it has been spotted over the years but I use it every year and will continue into the future.

I also am pleased to show the finished stockings I made for my niece and nephew.

I am very happy with the way they turned out. I do have to give a big THANK YOU to Sheldon for sewing these thing up. They are winging away to Vancouver now......along with other presents, keep watch Cissy!

I had some questions from yesterday. The first is how the candle stay up on the tree....there are special little clip/cups that are brass/silvery and they snap/clip onto the end of a branch - these hold the candles. It takes about 10 mins to light them all. Von - there will be next year for the SBBC, look forward to having you!! Nela - with 61 people it would be impossible to make a list of every ones likes and dislikes for publication....I would suggest looking at the blogs and getting a feel for what people are stitching to see what people like or don't.

I am leaving off with a snap of the soochie - the Peach was extra cute last night .....

She has spooky eye.... and is till frightened of the camera.

Thanks for stopping by and for all the support!!!!! It truly makes it all worth it!!!!

Take care,


  1. I wish I had the other Noel!!!It's in Moms attic...imagine that!!! We may never see that one again. The stockings are beautiful!!! Love ya.

  2. The Just Nan Christmas biscornu is calling to me far I've been able to resist it, but I don't know how strong my resolve will remain! :-)

    I just made my first biscornus and honestly, they're not that bad.

    And if I haven't said it...thanks for running the Birthday Exchange. This is the first exchange I've ever done and I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Go back and get the Christmas biscornu. They are not as difficult as they look. I was so worried but when I started putting the one I stitched for Tessa together I was amazed at how easy it was.

  4. Love the pooch, Edgar. Your stockings are a marvel! How long did it take ou to stitch these?

  5. wow... love those stockings. Your niece and nephew are so lucky. Great work Edgar.

  6. I love the Christmas decorations your Grandmother made - how wonderful that you use and enjoy them every holiday season!!

  7. I think it's lovely that you still have and cherish your granny's decorations. I'm sure that your niece and nephew will in their turn cherish their stockings - what heirlooms they will be!

    And thank you so much for taking on the birthday club - I'm really looking forward to it!

  8. You can see where you got your crafting karma, your granny's Christmas decorations are gorgeous. It's wonderful to have those to use every year!

    Love the stockings - they're great, it must have taken ages to stitch them. Snap! I've a load of family in Vancouver too :)

  9. how lucky you are to have your grandmothers decorations! they are wonderful :)

    love the stockings! how very special :)


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