Thursday, June 8, 2023

A Birthday

Gentle Friends, today would have been my mom's 97th birthday.  With my grandfather, her father-in-law, and my mom having back-to-back birthdays it was easy to remember them and we often had joint family dinners and parties for them both.  Here's one of the pictures I treasure most...

Baby Adelaide 1926-2012

This great shot was taken in the sideyard of my grandmother's house in North Carolina, I'm thinking spring or even a birthday shot when she was turning two, that info is lost to time.  I always see this snap and think both my mom and the goat were not too happy about taking this picture!!!

Thanks for stopping by, do stop again.  Stay safe!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. How charmingly they staged remembrance photographs in those
    days... even the year given note. What a darling child your Mom was.
    You honor your Mom and Grandfather in sharing these memories.

  2. Happy Heavenly Birthday to your mother. Another strange coincidence - I have a family photo of a little girl in a cart pulled by a goat as well. Unfortunately, which relative it is is lost to time. ~Robin~

    1. I think it must have been a "thing" at the time to sit in a cart pulled by a goat or pony.... every generation has a "thing!!" :)

  3. Beautiful pic! My grandpa, born 1925 in ND, has a similar picture but the cart is being pulled by a large farm dog. I love the old pics you share.


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