Wednesday, June 7, 2023

A Birthday

Gentle Friends, today would have been my grandfather's 116th birthday... he is often in my thoughts... here's a favorite picture of him as a baby...

Baby Herbert 1907-1994

... I think this picture would have been taken in the Fall of 1907 on the family farm outside of Atlanta.  You can just see my great-grandmother, Stella,  just behind holding up my Grandfather.  It's a sweet picture and I'm very happy that it has survived all this time.

Thanks for stopping by, do stop again.  Stay safe!

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  1. What a novel pose LOL Old family photos are the greatest; so glad for you that you have this keepsake.

  2. Adorable! The photo is precious. I collect "hidden mother" photos...this is a great example! My father would have turned 100 on the 5th. So difficult to wrap my head around those numbers. I'm glad he is remembered well. ~Robin~

    1. I don;t think I've ever seen a "hidden mother" picture... I just see my GGrandmother not let my grandfather tumble off that box... and the big smile on his face.

  3. I love seeing old family photos like that one.


Memorial Day

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