Monday, August 23, 2021

A Little Italian Dinner

Gentle Friends, so... I got an email this morning that I had left off some snaps of dinner... of course, I took some but really wasn't planning on posting... but ask and ye shall receive!!... here goes...

... we always start off with drinks, and tonight Rico suggested some Prosecco.. we already had some Chambord... so Kir Royales were the way to go!!

... you can't have lasagna without a little salad so chop, chop, chop et voila a little tossed salad... with some Olive Garden dressing...

... the bottle of Prosecco got drunk up quite quickly and my Dad always told me to have a bottle of champagne in the fridge, ya never know, right!!  so I pulled out the emergency champagne et voila more Kir Royale!!!!

.. Rico had cut a delicious focaccia bread with rosemary and had made a sauce to dip the cubes into with blackberry balsamic vinegar and olive oil ... he also wrapped up some melon with prosciutto....... a little snack before the meal.....

... and I had made a small loaf of hot french bread to go with the lasagna.... and our friends brought a watermelon cream pie...  here is a snap of one I stole off the internet but their pie was a dead ringer for this one...
... it was a fun evening!!

Thanks for stopping by do stop again!

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  1. that looks positively heavenly.... Great, now you've managed to make me hungry 2 nights in a row LOL. ~Robin~

  2. Even though I have had dinner, you have made me hungry! What a wonderful meal!!

  3. That lasagna looked heavenly. I have never heard of watermelon cream pie. It looks refreshing though.

  4. you made me hungry! heaven,
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  5. Yum. Looks like a delicious dinner!

  6. Yummy!! All those pictures have made me hungry now