Tuesday, August 3, 2021

A Little Brunchin'

 Gentle friends, as you know a favorite pastime of ours on the weekend is to go eat somewhere for dinner or go for brunch after mass is always a good time... just before the crowds start waking up and you can be home for a nap by the early afternoon!!  We headed to Bonita's this Sunday... before it was Bonita it was called "Squat and Gobble."  Bonita has Latino-inspired cuisine... here are some snaps...

... Bonita is on the corner of Noe & Market Streets in the Castro... above it used to be a really delicious Chinese restaurant and the Lookout is a fun bar with a wrap-around balcony you can sit, sip a cocktail and watch the world go by...

... brunch specials...  I would usually get the chilaquiles but knew going in what I wanted to order...

... the brunch menu...

... I started off with a really quite tasty Bloody Mary, on the sour side as they put quite a bit of lemon in their mix...

... John got the Mexican Hash...

... Rico got the Omelet de Bonita...

... and Mike and I got the Tres Leches French Toast, delicious... the strawberry jam had an infusion of jalapeno that took this up quite a few notches!!!

It was a fun place to get brunch and we'll be back!!

I stopped by the Walgreens yesterday afternoon and to my surprise, a harbinger of Fall has arrived...

... I do love candy corn and was ecstatic to find it... now bring on the fun Fall stuff!!  Although we've been having our usual low to mid 50's weather-wise here in the City for the past few months, I am so ready for the summer to be over.....

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again.  Stay Safe!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Your brunch meals all look delicious, but that French toast looks fabulous. That would have been my pick also. Noooo...I don't want Fall to be here, because then I have to return to work. I am enjoying my Summer break.

  2. Dearest Edgar: The name Squat and gobble cracks me up, however I am happy they changed the name.
    Bonita is pretty or beautiful in Spanish, the food looks beautiful, I am a fan of French toast especially if it has strawberries on top.
    All the food looks yummy.
    Have a lovely week.


  3. All of the breakfasts looked yummy, but Rico's is what I would order, love a good omelet! Sam's Club has huge bags of candy corn, Fall M&Ms, and variety packs of Reese's candy in various ghoulish shapes. The only downside is that inflation seems to have hit the Reese's; one bag is almost $13.00. That made me pause and I haven't bought any... yet!

  4. I'm seeing quite a few Fall items going up in stores. I can't wait! Your breakfast's all look good but I couldn't pass up fried potatoes! I'm with Rico!

  5. What a fun place to have brunch! Everything looked delicious!! I went in old Michaels today and got so excited to see Fall stuff even though Michaels is not my favorite kind of Fall. Like you, I am really done with summer. Ours has been just nasty. NO rain, all the grass is brown and burned looking. Plus they are predicting over 90 at least 3 d days this week!! UG!

  6. All that food look delish!! I love your candy recommendations. I have bought so many from the US after your recommendation and loved them. Will note this down too :)