Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Little Holiday Cheer!!

 Gentle Friends, I thought I'd posted a few snaps from the house and the decoration Rico gets up to... but hadn't so here you go...

... you might remember that we are at the end of the hall on our floor so we can put a bit more than a wreath... it's good that Rico can make our wreaths, they are totally expensive to buy finished!

... at the front door is an old washstand we have a lamp on and drop keys but during the Fall and Winter months we do a bit more... the vintage blow-out on the left we picked up at a thrift store and the great black pumpkin on the right was a gift a few years ago form a cousin of Rico's...

... Now that they finally got in some Bud's Egg Nog I can get to having some holiday libations.... the packaging has changed on Bud's but it still is the best around!!  I got the Japanese whiskey this summer as a treat for me during the lockdown and it is cracking up to all the hype... woohoo!!!  It was super easy to order online and have delivered... 

... and the reason for all this Fall frivolity was I hauled out the old Great Pumpkin DVD and we enjoyed this during dinner.  I think it's terrible that they are not shoeing ITGPCB on regular TV this year.  The vintage blow-out on the left was also a thrift store find here in the City.

There you sports fans a late in the week post, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Love those blow outs! We watched Charlie Brown on YouTube. My Halloween fav is Disney’s old Legend of Sleepy Hollow cartoon. So atmospheric and fun. Happy Halloween 🎃

  2. LOVE egg nog but can't stand alcohol of any kind. Kahlua maybe. My cousin made her own nog and it was decadent.

  3. LOVE all of Rico's decor!! He definitely knows how to do it right LOL.... I especially love the old blow molds....then again, I love anything vintage Halloween. I haven't seen ITGPCB in years....It seems there are very few Halloween shows on at all this year...Perhaps I am just missing them, but yikes...haven't seen anything. Your nog looks very enticing.... I would love to try it ala Edgar like that. ~Robin~

  4. What fabulous fall décor, Edgar! Your end of the hall looks very inviting! It is a big shame that ITGPCB won't be aired on regular TV. I need to scrounge around and see if I have it on DVD. I know I had it on VHS, but left if for the next teacher who would inherit my classroom. Happy Weekend!

  5. What eye-catching and appealing decorations...just right in every detail.You are fortunate to have the artist at your beck and call for
    such holiday adorning. He really has the knack....

  6. What welcoming decor in your hall. And fun decor in your home. I'm glad we own ITGPCB so we can show it to the Grands since it's not on TV. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. WE really agree about Charlie Brown. Same with the Christmas one and that makes me sad!! Love all your pretty Fall/Halloween decorations!!