Monday, October 19, 2020

A Little Brunchin' a Little Stitchin'

 Gentle Friends, so last weekend we headed out with some friends for brunch... the first brunch out for months....  we went to Mission Rock... it's a place we enjoy and last went there with Roberta, Terry there son Jeremy and his husband Michael... such fun and delicious to boot!!

... and you gotta love a place where a Mermaid brings you drinks!!

It's across the street from the new Chase Center sporting arena...

... and overlooks SF Bay towards the Oakland Hills...

... I couldn't get the lighting right but here are l to r, Rico, Tom and his wife Mindy...

... the menu leans heavily towards seafood dishes...

... and there were lots of drinks to choose from!!

I got a really delicious "Bender" and the others got Mimosas...

... Tom and Rico had Peach and Mindy got Guava...

Mindy had a Dungeness Crab Roll...

Rico had The American Breakfast...

Tom had the Dungeness Crab Benedict... and...

I had the Smoked Salmon Benedict... 
the breakfast potatoes had chimichurri sauce on them... 
so very delicious!!  It was a fun time had by all!!

Now, on to stitching... still working on CtA... here's a progress shot...

... as I usually do I finished up the border to see how much linen would be left, and there is plenty.  This has really been fun to work on and I'll be sad to see it wrap up in the next few weeks...

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again.  Stay Safe!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good deeds!


  1. There's just something about this piece that fascinates me... I think it's the names. Good progress!

  2. Don't know when we will venture out again, or even have meals with family. I admit all that food looks delicious. You should finish Mayflower soon, I just started names all else it finished though.

  3. Il semble que cela ai été une très belle et bonne journée.

  4. Your brunch made me very hungry! Looked like fun! I finally got started on Coming to America. I am building the boat now.

  5. Brunch looks and sounds wonderful....That is the one thing I envy you living in a large city is the amazing choices in dining, shopping, entertainment, etc. Especially the dining!!! We are relegated to fast food restaurants, chains, and a few local mom and pop type places...but the latter are faltering under the effects of COVID...especially with the latest restrictions imposed by our governor. Many have closed and say they will not be able to reopen....ever. Sigh. And seafood...gah! What I wouldn't give for some real seafood! You're on the homestretch with CtA!! ~Robin~

  6. Oh my, I always enjoy seeing food and the crab looks delicious. Seafood is a huge treat where I live and there isn't any locally so if I ever go to the coast that is what I have. x

  7. What an incredible view you had for brunch! The food looked fabulous. Your Mayflower piece is really taking up shape, Edgar!

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  9. Dearest Edgar: That place looks like a fun place to eat, the food looks wonderful.
    It is so nice to get together with friends.
    Your stitching is beautiful, you must stitch night and day, you are almostb finished with the Sampler.
    Have a great week.
    Our new baby Mikey and Krissy say hello to the Hounds.


  10. That meal looks delicious. You are a brave man. My husband and I have yet to eat out. Our last restaurant dinner was my 60th birthday celebration in February. We do some curbside pick-up a few of our favorite restaurants that have successfully figured it out. Love how that stitching is coming along.


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