Sunday, September 20, 2020

A Little Stitchin', Cookin' and Blue Skies!

Gentle Friends, I think I'll post today instead of tomorrow with some snaps...  first up is CTA...

... as you can see I've gone back and made some stitching changes... one of the things that had been bothering me about this piece was the seagulls.  I've live my whole life near the sea and I can't remember ever seeing all-white seagulls.  I didn't care for them as charted but I was stitching away on them and so left them alone.  Then I got reading over on the Facebook SAL and how other stitchers have dealt with them and I loved the different solutions... so I went back with my trusty seam ripper and ripped out all the original stitching... now the seagulls as I have stitched them are... "WDW - Grits" for the body, wings tipped and the eye is "WDW - Gunmetal", the beaks are "WDW - Daylily" the feet are "DMC 640".  I am so happy I went back and did this.  In redoing this stitching I'm a bit behind but this is, as with all my stitching, for fun a relaxation, and not a race!

It's Fall and I was reading on Natasha's Kitchen blog about Apple Pie and got a wild hair and had to make one... I couldn't find my pie pan, lord only knows where that has gotten too... so I hauled out the 9" springform and it worked can go HERE and read her recipe, it's very delicious and so simple!!

... we've gotten back some clear skies the last few days, I think I took this on Friday... 
looking west to Twin Peaks.  

Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. As an avid birder, I am so proud of you for taking the time to get the colors on the gulls correct. Your memory about there being no white gulls is absolutely correct; your changes make them look much more likely and lively.

  2. Like your change to the birds! As I have been seeing various progress pictures around the 'net, I couldn't decide if they were supposed to be doves or seagulls. Your apple pie looks incredible, Edgar! Glad to see you have blue skies.

  3. Dearest Edgar: What a beautiful sampler, I too would change the colors of the gulls.
    I wanted to eat the photo of the pie, it looks yummy, thank-you for the link.
    Beautiful blue sky, I hope the smoke stays away and the fires die out.


  4. Pretty seagulls and that pie looks so tasty.

  5. Like your changes on the seagulls. That pie looks delicious!

  6. Great choices on the seagulls! Wish some of the designers would be as
    careful with colors. So glad to see some clear sky in your area.

  7. I absolutely agree with you about the gulls. We see them everyday and for sure they are not white. I would love to use your color suggestions when I do that piece. Isn't it lovely to see blue sky?!
    We spent a week or more inside with no doors or windows open because of hazardous air from the Oregon fires. I felt guilty complaining because we were at least safe. It started raining on Friday and we now have good air quality.

  8. I saw the changes on FB before I started stitching mine. I thought they were doves! On week ,three day 16, not sure if I will complete my trip on time. I have finished my ship but I am still waiting for Oscar to arrive. My sister ( geonology expert in my family) to find out those "Mrs." first names so far just Alice for Mrs William Mullins. An easy one. Priscilla was their daughter. I would like to stitch first names, we'll see. Keep stitching

  9. Great progress! The seagulls look much better.

  10. hi edgar, your gulls really do look great, glad your sky has cleared up too. how ever did that pie land on your table, rather than mine? lol.

  11. What dimension yourcolor changes gave to the piece, Edgar. Many thanks for the link to that sumptuous pie..trying it soon. So glad the skies have cleared for you and that doors and windows can be opened once more.

  12. Oooo....I like your changes to the birds. The last few weeks we have been indunated with gulls here at the lake. Perhaps lake gulls are different than sea gulls, as I swear they are pretty dang white LOL. Your "bit behind" is farther ahead than I would ever be on a project like this! What is it about fall that brings out the baking in us???? Your pie looks wonderful. ~Robin~

  13. Edgar, What color gray did you use for the larger part of the wings on your seagulls?