Monday, September 21, 2020

A Little Russian Question??

Gentle Friends, you may, or may not, know I collect Russian Lacquer Boxes.  These wonderful works of art are IMHO just spectacular!!  I received a "new" one I acquired from a dealer online today and there is an inscription inside the lid.  Or at least I think it's an inscription.  Usually, they are just lacquered red without much else... sometimes the name of one of the small villages it was made in or the artist may write on the inside of lid but that's unusual.  This inscription is actually engraved and then the letters are gilded.  Here's a snap ...

Now, my question is about a translation ... I do not read Russian and think there might be someone out there that could read this and let me know what this says.... thanks!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. I hope you are able to get the answer. The box is beautiful. Sorry I can't be of any help!

  2. Dear Tony (?)
    In good memory
    October 30, 1960

    My hubby was a Russian major so this was his interpretation.

  3. I thought Google translate (using the camera function) would work. But I don't think it did well with the script.

  4. I've contacted my future dil. She's a linguist and Russian national. I just love saying 'future dil' btw.

  5. Dearest Edgar: I did not know you collected this type of box, please show us your collection sometime.


  6. I would love to see them also. I have a few small ones that are just lovely.