Monday, September 7, 2020

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle Friends, another hot one here by the Bay, it's in the '80s but will be dropping as the day goes on.... the breeze will be back!!  So here are a couple of snaps of my stitching...

... this is where I've left off on Little Birds until I stitch up Coming to America.  I got the vine connected but need to get to all the flowers.

Here's a snap where I left off on CtA last night...

... I've got a nice little start on the border (sorry the snap is so lousy)  That gray smear (lower left) is actually on the linen and part of the over-dying (I guess) as it does not come off so I'll work through it and live with it as is...  as you can see I started this piece as I always do in the upper left corner.  The instructions usually, as they do with this project, say to start in the middle. I read through the instructions and as I do most of the time use them as a jumping-off point and do my own thing.  I refuse to be a slave to printed instruction and see them mostly as "suggestions."  For some reason, probably habit I usually, always, most of the time, start in a corner and work out for there.

Hope everyone is staying safe and sound over this long weekend.  
Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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  1. Good for you on getting the frame part of Little Birds connected. Your start on Coming to America is awesome. About the only time I start in the middle these days is when I am stitching one of Erica Michaels' strawberries.

  2. Needed to do some frogging, I thought the waves were all the same, the second on left is different. You did lot it is fun to see your progress.

  3. I have always founded centering is most "safe" and effective

  4. I think you're a border master LOL.... I probably should make not of your "unruliness"...I always start in the middle as suggested...or a few stitches over/up to a convenient design starting's not led me astray ever, but might be fun to change things up once in a while. ;-) ~Robin~

  5. CTA border is lovely. Actually they both look great. I'm with you. I rarely start in the middle. I just "eyeball" my fabric, pick a corner (usually upper left) and jump in.

  6. I have no tstarted CTA . Your border is looking very good. I love the Little Birds . You are making good progress on that one too.