Monday, June 27, 2016

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle Friends, last weekend started off on a high note... with a delivered dinner...

... and in that box was a delicious pizza ... 

...Haystack is a neighborhood place that we enjoy and they deliver quickly!!

 I worked some on Sojourner and finished up the flower swag on the right and all the satin stitching along the sawtooth edge... and here's' how it looks now...

... today starts a short week for me, as I have taken off Thursday AND Friday 
for a loooong weekend of hanging around with no plans!!

That's the short report for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Wowee, that pizza looks good! Looks like you're getting close to a finish on Sojourner. Hope you, Rico and the Who hounds have a safe happy 4th!

  2. Probably Sojourner will be completed come Monday, gauging your rate of
    production.... Enjoy the long weekend, Edgar and Rico.

  3. It is such a beautiful sampler - love the flower swags. Gorgeous stitching. Enjoy your long weekend!! Lori

  4. Love the flower border. Pizza is my favorite dinner, and lunch. Enjoy the long weekend!

  5. Beautiful stitching (and beautiful pizza!)

  6. That pizza looks amazing. We are having tomato pie here in NoAla tonight. The first of the home grown tomatoes are coming in and oh are they delicious. Love your stitching. I took a break while on vacation so I need to get back at my Prairie Schooler sampler.

  7. I love those flower swags. They are just beautiful.

  8. That pizza looks great! Enjoy the time off!

  9. Lovely colors, Edgar. Glad to see that your San Francisco pizza did not have broccoli (a la Inside Out)!

  10. Dearest Edgar: Oh my that Sampler is beautiful.
    The pizza looks yummy.


  11. It's so so pretty! Your stitching, that is. lol! The pizza looks delicious!

  12. Sooo far behind on blog reading, but your stitching is beautiful, and that pizza literally made my mouth water, so I thought I'd tell you! (Yes, actually "literally"! I need to go have some lunch!)