Friday, May 29, 2015

Visiting the de Young Museum

Gentle Friends, our (Rico took off also) loooong weekend started off with a good breakfast.......

.... we tried a new to us place in our neighborhood called "Griddle Fresh."
 I am a great lover of Eggs Benedict so......

.... that's what I had, it came with the hash browns, which were done to perfection, golden brown and super crunchy.  This Benedict was particularly good in that the "bacon" was a thicker than usual piece and quite juicy.....

.... Rico went for the Noe Valley Omelet, and since there was some avocado on it I am told it was pretty terrific!!  We have been by this place frequently but never stopped as there is usually such a gigantic line out front waiting to get in we would rather go somewhere else than wait, but looking forward we may just wait next time!!

My goal for the "weekend" was to get to a couple of current temporary Museum Exhibitions.  The one that I knew was closing soon was at the de Young in Golden Gate Park.  Quite an ugly building, new, but ugly - they have some great shows, that we usually miss - but I was bound dammed and determined to get to this one........  here's a shot of the Museum.....

.......a closeup of the fountain in the Music Concourse between the Museum and the California Academy of Science.....

.... this is a stage area to the left of the fountain in The Spreckles Temple of Music or just "The Bandshell".....  HERE is more info about the music Concourse.........

.... the show I wanted to see was called "Botticelli to Braque."  I was totally interested in seeing the Botticelli, as he is and has been one of my favorite painters ever.....

The 55 paintings in the exhibition span a period of more than 400 years (1490–1932) and include some of the greatest holdings of the Scottish National Gallery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art—the three institutions that comprise the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh.  Other artists include the Renaissance masters Titian and Paolo Veronese; the 17th-century painters El Greco, Diego Velázquez, Sir Anthony van Dyck, Frans Hals, Jan Lievens, Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer; and such 19th-century figures as Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, John Singer Sargent, Paul Gauguin and Paul Cézanne. The exhibition will also feature celebrated Scottish painters Allan Ramsay and Sir Henry Raeburn...

Sandro Botticelli, "The Virgin Adoring the Sleeping Christ Child, 1490.

 ( HERE's some great info about this Scottish acquisition and the painting....)
 which has not been exhibited outside of Scotland for more than 150 years.

Another of my favorite painters is Sargent - and here is the lovely one that was in the show.....

John Singer Sargent, "Lady Agnew of Lochnaw (1865-1932)

 (Here's some great info on this painting)

I do love a great portrait and when three lovelies appear together it's even better..... 

Joshua Reynolds "The Ladies Waldgrave" -  1780-81 

.........this large scale informal group portrait of the Waldgrave sisters - The eldest sister, Laura, seated center, winds a card with silk thread from a skein held by Elizabeth, at left, while Horatia, the youngest, embroiders netting stretched in a tambour frame.  I found two different stories behind the commission of the painting.....  1)Since they were the grandnieces of Horace Walpole he had it painted for his country house, Strawberry hill... OR..... 2) it was commissioned by their mother Maria Walpole with a view of attracting potential suitors for these girls as all of them were unmarried when it was painted - so who knows why, but who cares it's a wonderful painting!!!

After the paintings we headed up the tower to see some views.......

.... looking down into the Concourse of Music and the Academy of Science....

That about does it for the visit to the de Young and the gorgeous paintings there..... I do hope you enjoyed it.  Come back soon as I have two more posts about the weekend coming up!!
 Thanks for stopping!!!

Take care,


  1. That must have been a great exhibition! Which El Greco did it have?I wonder!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Dearest Edgar: What a beautiful display of paintings, wow that building is something else.
    Your breakfast looks yummy.
    I am so happy when I hear that someone has gone to a museum, I love seeing other peoples creativity.


  3. Rico and I must have the same taste in foods. It seems that I would always have ordered what he was having as opposed to your meal. lol The paintings were beautiful in your pictures......I'm sure they would have been more so seeing them in person. I'm going with the story that Mother Maria wanted suitors for her daughters, I like it the best. Have a good weekend.


  4. What a wonderful art exhibit. And the breakfasts! I'm currently living in Norway & that kind of food doesn't exist here. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fortunate opportunity... thank you for sharing the magnificent paintings and, were it possible, I would not mind sharing that delicious menu. What a treat you gave us this day,
    as always.

  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  7. Lovely! I love SF and so enjoy seeing the town through your eyes.

  8. What a wonderful museum, thanks for sharing the photos! Breakfast looked great too!

  9. Yummy food!!!
    I love the Sargent painting--one of my favorites! So glad you got to see it in person!

  10. Some wonderful paintings you've been able to see in real life, superb!


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