Friday, January 30, 2015

A Downton Abbey (no spoiler) Posting

Gentle Friends, you may or may not know we are Downton Abbey Nuts at our house - so I pre-ordered the Blu Ray 5th season, it came Tuesday evening and we finished watching it last night.....

....  some good moments, and some great moments - of course there were some super lines spoken - gotta love the Dowager Countess - and the Christmas show wrapped up with answering some  questions and left some pretty big questions to be answered in Season 6.  Can't wait to re-watch it this weekend!!!

That wraps up the week, thanks for stopping by, do stop again soon!!  Have a super weekend!!

Take care,


  1. I wish you would have posted spoilers LOL I might have to order the UK DVD.

  2. I also received my Season 5 on Tuesday! Will start watching today. Anxious to see all that happens!

  3. Downton fans here too Edgar. My brother and sister in law have been to Highclere where it's filmed and had tea on the lawn.....lucky folks!

  4. I told my husband I wanted to buy and watch it, but he just laughed. Guess I'll have to do it while he's at work and then pretend not to know on Sunday night! Haha

  5. Seen it all and it was great!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. Love Downton!! The highlight of my Sunday is when I can sit and watch the latest episode and stitch. No better way to spend an evening!!

  7. I wonder how many of us watched the rest of the season on Tuesday. lolol! It was a good one!

  8. I will give season 5 as a present to DH tomorrow, it is our anniversary and we will surely have a cosy evening on the sofa watching it!

  9. I am glad you didn't do any spoilers. I have been recording Downton and plan to have a marathon to watch all the episodes, complete with tea and scones!