Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

Over the Holidays I was still out and about thrifting and finding a few fun things...........

........ clockwise from l to r.....  a great Gorham sterling handled basket, date marked 1916, a wonderful old brown glazed stoneware bowl, two Christmas DVD's, a great vintage Boston Terrier etching and a turned olive wood recorder made in Holland.  Rico asked why the recorder, well, it is very well made, was only a couple of dollars and I played one in music class at Mattaponi Elementary School and why not try playing it again........ my playing is kind of squeaky so far, but hope springs eternal.

That's about it for today, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Great finds. I love the earthenware bowl. At first I thought the recorder was a pennywhistle. Then I saw the last hole to the side.
    Keep practicing and you will surely improve as your breath control increases. (as long as you aren't driving Rico and the who hounds batty with it)

  2. How do the dogs react to your playing? Flint them.

  3. Nice haul - my recorder playing was awful when I was in primary school - I did progress to clarinet in grammer school but it fell by the wayside when I discovered boys!

  4. :) with the recorder...Ellie and her recorder....
    Love the big old brown bowl! I have one for my Calendar Girls "in waiting" and I've gotten more compliments on it :)

  5. The recorder brings back such memories! My kids played them in elementary school too, as did all the kids. Back when I met my DH, he had a recorder. I bought him a larger one while we were dating as a present. Recorders have a special place in my heart!

  6. You always find some great things!

  7. You do find the loveliest silver
    pieces, Edgar. Keep practicing...
    and hunting..

  8. OH Edgar...maybe a little concert video of your playing later in the year for us to look forward to then after you have been doing your homework and practising .... just teasing lol x

  9. Love the recorder! I know that you can serenade your dogs and they will be mesmerized!