Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thrifty Balleek-y Bargins

Gentle Friends how interesting were the comments yesterday????  As you know I usually start writing my Posts at about 5:30am when I first get in, and then sort of tweak them for a while until I think they are worth posting, that involves fixing what grammatical mistakes I can find and all the spelling issues, I'm a bad speller   and I know it - and I admit it !!  So, you must take what I write with a grain of salt and just sort of chuckle along with me........In the past I was once a "shop girl" and have been on the "Hello, may I help you?" questioning end of things, so 1) I do know that staff is required to ask those questions and 2) I also know, that they are not required to ask the same question 5, 6 or 7 times as you peruse the store and look on your own - or at least the few "shop" jobs I have had we were not required to harass the customers with "help".  

I think it is the constant "help fullness" that gets to me, more so than the greeting.   I do like the French way of shopping .... "Bonjour" as you walk in then being left alone, I loved my trip to France in so many ways!! I hope that clears up any hurt or ill will that was read into or gotten from my Post yesterday......

Over the weekend I ran around as is usual to the various Thrifty, Consignment and Goodwill type shops I frequent and found two little bits of Irish porcelain.  I can go months without seeing any Balleek, and then all of a sudden, BAM, two pieces in a single day.....  here's a snap...

... I found them at two different shops - the little Angel is from the "Choir of Angles" and is called Harp, she is on the new side as the were produced from 1999-2003, I don't think she was ever hung on a tree as she still has her sticker on the inside near the clapper (this little angle is a faux bell) - and was she dusty.  I think it was a display piece, but how sad for an ornament to never have hung on a tree....  the shell bowl is quite a bit older as it has the black 3rd mark dating it to between 1926 - 1946.  I am not a big Balleek fan, but I am a fan of quality bits of porcelain, so I am not too sure what I might do with them.....

There you go sports fans, thanks so much for stopping by do stop again.... and for your comments and emails - and I also wanted to say Hello and Welcome to all my new Followers!!!  

Take care,


  1. It is so fun to go thrifting, and you always find beautiful things Edgar!

  2. My one and only Balleek vase broke at the top this winter. I keep it still.Aren't they very fragile and thin?AriadnefromGreece!

  3. I agree with you about the constant help approach. We are told what we should be saying to the customers and many of them do get a annoyed . that is corporate for you. I hated when we had the secret shoppers. The teas look wonderful.

  4. Such sweet things...
    Big hugs x

  5. Good to know you were a fellow "shop girl"! I agree, 5 to 7 times asking if you need help is a bit much. I would have left after the 3rd time! lol I don't know many people, when given the opportunity to leave retail, don't take it! The French way of shopping sounds wonderful. Wish it could be incorporated into the American shopping philosophy.

  6. You always seem to find such great things. The charity shops here are mostly full of tat

  7. I have always liked your style of blogging Edgar, it's very natural and unique to you. I also love the way you post each weekday - it's fun to stop by.

  8. Edgar, I understand your shopping frustrations. I was in a store recently and 5 people asked me if they could help me in my first 60 seconds in the store. One girl asked me three times. She didn't remember the first two. I was a shop girl for 8 years so I am always very courteous but this one girl excercised my patience. She wasn't paying any attention, just going through the motions. Oh well rant over! I would love to see some snaps of the Who Hounds. I am missing my dear Beezer and always get a pick me up when I see your cuties. Especially Smoky. He always looks so concerned and serious. MartyG