Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Noe Valley Stuff.......

Gentle Friends in keeping with my SF Wednesday I thought I would bring you a couple of little nuggets from the area of the City where we live.  The city is broken up into neighborhoods and we live in Noe Valley, named after Jose de Jesus Noe, the last Mexican Alcalde (Mayor) of Yerba Buena (Present day San Francisco) who owned what is now Now Valley as part of his Rancho San Miguel.    One of the largest buildings in the Valley is James Lick Middle School.  This large building and grounds sit sort of in the middle of the Valley and is a focal point for the area.  I tried to find out some info about the school and its history but could only find that the building was completed in 1932......  it has a great Art Deco look about it and here are some snaps.....

... the front of the school facing Noe Street....

... the front door detail... notice the great mosaics that the art department has installed.  You can find them all over the outside attached to the original wall/fencing....

... detail of the doorway above the lintel...

the Auditorium doorway......

... along the outside are these great details.......  


Another treat from the Valley is Buds Ice Cream, originally made at 24th and Castro Streets by Bud Scheideman it was sold in 1952 to his cousin Alvin Edlin who expanded this local brand to made it a SF Icon.  It was eventually sold in the 80's but is still being made here in the Bay area, over in Oakland.  They produce a seasonal treat that has already strated to show up in the stores..... 
and we get some every year......

.... they'll only be selling this through the Holidays and then it disappears for another year!!   - and - with a little extra "nog".....

...... you just can't beat it on a cold winters evening!!

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I swear, if I ever come to SF, I am going to hire you to be our tour guide!

  2. I agree with Catherine! lol! I learn so much about SF from you!

  3. Congrats on your Feast of Friendship finish Edgar (that's a lot of F's there LOL). It's really nice.

    I have a very similar apple cake recipe from my mother - it's so easy to make and always moist and good. I like to serve it with a vanilla sauce I make or a dollop of whipped cream - yummy! Great for an autumn dessert.

  4. Dearest Edgar: Makers Mark is so smooth and to add egg nog wowzer.
    Love the building so beautiful.
    We used to have a company here in little old Annandale called Browns Icecream you could go into the front office of the factory and buy the best chocolate icecream, they sold out about six years ago now we cannot find the stuff.
    Thank-you for the pictures of the school nowadays people want to tear down the old and beautiful and build new and not so beautiful.

  5. And I third that comment. SF and visiting with Edgar, Rico and the Whoo hounds is def on top of the list!

  6. Amazing architecture in your local school, very impressive.

  7. A gorgeous building! I love egg nog : )

  8. Yep, I agree with the ladies at the top, you are the best tour guide I know of! The city should hire you because you always high-light the best that they offer!