Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Great Mail Day!! and a Film

Gentle Friends nothing warms the heart so much as getting fun mail from Stitching Buddies!!  - and - my cup runneth over yesterday as I received two super packages....  I waited until I got home to open them and get some snaps...  

One of the packages was a super sweet RAK and the other was an HOE Exchange Piece...   

I had been forewarned that the RAK was on its way from Catherine and it arrived yesterday...

..... and the package contained the pattern by LHN "Robin Hood," a skein of some lovely green floss from Nancy over at Victorian Motto, a lovely piece of sparkly linen and in a a great WIP zipper bag, thank you so very much Catherine!!!

The Exchange piece was part of the Summer 2013 Exchange - and was from Marie, the Exchange was to stitch something of Summer.... and I received....

... a super Candle Mat, designed by Prairie Grove Peddlers called "Lighthouses."  Now, I need to go get a great Summer inspired candle to put on it!!  Thank you so much Marie for such a beautifully stitched a finished piece for the Season!!!

I also saw an most interesting film last night.  When I plopped it on my Netflix Queue after reading some of the reviews, I thought I would only have to give 30 to 45 minutes then pop out of the player.....  however  it turned out much differently.  The film is an independent film called "Cloud Atlas" - 2012 - starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry...

... and consists of 6 interconnected stories, that take place spanning different time periods,  from the South Pacific of 1849 forward and across time to the year 2321, 106 winters after the Fall.  I was totally fascinated by this film and enjoyed it immensely.  You really have to pay attention to everything and everyone as it jumps back and forth in the narrative.  I will certainly see it again and will probably buy a copy at some point, I enjoyed it that much.  I can see it might not be for every one, and it is about 3 hours long, but I think it is well done and worth a look.  The story was taken from the 2004 novel of the same name written by, David Mitchell.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. A wonderful candle mat, so beautifully stitched and finished, how lovely.

  2. Congrats on your RAK! Nice exchange, too. I saw Cloud Atlas in the theater, and loved it, too (blog November 2012). Wonder if it's on Netflix - view now option? Have to check it out.

  3. There are correction to Robin...I don't know if they are included in this pattern. Marian ( not marion) and there is one" r " in sheriff not two. I purchased mine when it first came out, Diane Williams blogged about the oops! I have a Robin Hood horse brass so they will be near when I get around to doing him. Two presents must have felt like your birthday.....

  4. Such sweet cancel mat..I love it,.
    Very pretty rak..
    Love for you x

  5. Parcels of sewing things are always fun. I haven't seen the Robin Hood design before. I live in England less than an hours drive from Sherwood Forest were Robin lived.

  6. Beautiful Candle Mat! What a wonderful gift. Sue in Maryland

  7. Great mail! I've read the novel Cloud Atlas -- it was such a good novel. I'll have to see the movie now. My DD thought it was good too.

  8. You did have a great mail day! Such a cute little lighthouse candle mat. That looks like an interesting movie! I like books and movies about more than one time period.

  9. Wow - nice mail day for you. Congrats!

  10. Congratulations on your exchange - beautiful mat and pattern; I am working on LHN project myself right now; lovely pattern!

  11. Edgar, I too loved Cloud Atlas and was so disappointed that it didn't do well at the box office or at the Academy Awards.

  12. Love that candle mat! You are so lucky. It would look great with the Red, White and Blue layered candle that Yankee Candle introduced a month or so ago.

  13. Never had seen the Robin Hood chart! That's great! And I LOVE that green floss from Victorian Motto Shoppe. Beautiful shade of green. Have fun!


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