Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Great Pre-Code Film!!!

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends things are bee bopping along as always here by the Bay.  The weather is a'changing and it is going to be a cold and wet weekend.....  which means many movies and ordering food delivered!!  I do love that there are so many places that will delivery tasty treats so that I don't have to leave my house.

Last weekend I was in a kind of musical/dance movie mode and so I hauled out my box of Busby Berkeley DVD's....

(a borrowed snaperoo)

I love these films and they are all so much fun to watch.  One of my favorites is "Dames" - 1934 - starring Joan Blondell, Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, Zasu Pitts and Guy Kibbee.

In a nutshell from IMBD the story line is......"Multi-millionaire Ezra Ounce wants to start a campaign against 'filthy' forms of entertainment, like Broadway-Shows. He comes to his relatives families and makes them members of his morale-boosting campaign. But Jimmy, another relative is producing a show, starring Ezra's niece Barbara. But he had bad luck with his backer, this person has given him an invalid check. Another of his victims, the show-girl Mabel has the idea of blackmailing Horace, Barbara's father, whom she has met before in a slightly compromising situation to get the money."

One of the musical numbers from the film by that musical genius Busby Berkeley
....the title sequence in fact.....


There you go sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by and for all the great films you have been mentioning in your comments!!

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