Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Wrap Up

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I was so happy that you enjoyed the "Day of the Dead" posting.  The rains they came - and it has gotten pretty chilly here with the temps hovering at about 48 degrees.  The wet makes it seem colder!!  

So last night while watching TCM, they are having a Month long tribute called  "All Aboard" - featuring films with romances and or dramas on the high seas!!  I really enjoyed last nights selection - starting off the evening was "Romance on the High Seas" - 1948 - then they showed "April in Paris" - 1952 - both Doris Day vehicles that are really charming.  I have talked about them before and both are worth a look.  The next film was a Jane Powell film called "Luxury Liner" - 1948 - another great little film.  All three fun romantic films!!  Since it was cold and wet I was in no mood for the kitchen... I made us a ....

...real comfort dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!!  Easy to make, easy to eat and a quick clean up - who could ask for anything more!!

We are coming up on elections so I need to get on my soap box a moment!!  Here in California we get about a bazillion pieces of crappity junk mail...

... for everything on the ballot - every candidate and every proposition for and against gets its own shiny piece of advertising... and them some - it would seem that at least the printing businesses are doing a brisk business!!  Here is 1 weeks worth of mailers - 52 pieces of shiny, heavy 4 colour printed pieces of crap - that I did not read, did not look at and did not hesitate to toss into file 13!  This is ludicrous and there is no way to stop it.  

We already do the mail in voting .. 

... thing, since our voting places changes every single year  - and is usually so inconvenient to try and find parking that I have been "mail voting " for quite a few years.  I vote every single year - and this is one of the projects for this weekend - going through the voting booklet and filling out the forms.  I figure I can't bitch about things if I don't vote!!

There you go sports fans - another week goes by and we are now less than 3 short weeks from Thanksgiving!!  Gobble Gobble....

Take care,


  1. Grilled cheese and tomato soup are a favorite with us too. And you are right, it is perfect comfort food for a wet, cold, rainy day.

  2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup, yummm. I think that's what I'll be eating tomorrow, a winter storm is scheduled to move through.

  3. There are certain food pairings that are perfect together and grilled cheese and tomato soup is one of them.
    Nothing puts me off more than political commercials/advertising ~ I do the same thing with that type of mail. :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Today is sunny and bright in the Northeast but it is my shopping day. I think I'll buy a half dozen cans of tomato soup for the top shelf of the cupboard and some Pepperidge Farm white bread for the bottom shelf of the freezer in anticipation of the colder, wetter weather that's bound to come along in the next few months. I always have cheddar or swiss cheese on hand, so that's no problem.

  5. One of our favorite and go-to meals! Hub's with oyster crackers, mine with Italian croutons. As with your movies - a true classic!

  6. I love grilled cheese and tomato soup! I wish my DS would think such things were dinner. lol! Our polling place is easy to get to, luckily. We get tons of those voting junk mail things too. It's annoying. The movies sound like fun! The bad thing is I'm not sure we get TCM. :( :( I have to check again, but so far no luck.

  7. So funny! I had the same thing for dinner except I used swiss with a couple of pieces of ham for my sandwich. Really hit the spot!

    It really got cold. Brrr!!

  8. Just think about all those trees that are used to produce all that unwanted junk mail!
    The word verification is 'jingle' - makes me think of Christmas!

  9. I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Seeing your photo is making me think I should make this for dinner tonight! Have a great weekend with Rico and the who-hounds.

  10. Hi Edgar, you're pile of voting stuff made me chuckle since my first thought was, "hey, who has my mail?" Just like you I recycled the whole lot...CRAP indeed! The soup and grilled cheese look absolutely yummy and perfect for our Bay Area weather. It's chilly and gloomy in Sunnyvale today.

  11. Hi Edgar, I love tomato soup. Real comfort food. :) Good for you re voting, and I agree you can't complain if you can't be bothered voting. Here in Australia, voting is compulsory and there are fines if you don't vote.
    We get heaps of junk mail here all of the time, lots of catalogues and the closer to Xmas, the worse it gets. Lucky we have a fortnightly recyclable bin collection so they all go in the bin. We have recently got another bin for greenwaste as well, so now there are three!

  12. Hi Edgar,
    Last night as I was watching the Doris Day movies, I thought of you! And you were watching them too. How cool is that?

  13. I say the same thing when we have an election up here in Canada or even Ontario.... You can't complain if you don't vote

  14. That soup and grilled cheese looks like a perfect meal! Me and dh love soup and sandwich for dinner but the boys feel I have to fix a full, all out, big meal or it's just not dinner. Spoil sports.

  15. Since I'm recovering from a bad tummy, that tomato soup & grilled cheese looks like heaven. Ever wonder how much money is spent on those flyers that most people throw away without giving them a glance?